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    DNF Duel Berserker Guide

    Released on the 28th of June 2022, DNF Duel is a 2.5D action fighting game and is now also available on Steam for you to purchase. The game is currently available on PlayStation (4 and 5) and PC. With some of its unique characters and remarkable graphics, DNF Duel will definitely give competition to some of the most popular names like Street FighterMortal KombatTekken, etc.

    DNF Duel allows you to play with 16 unique characters and all of them have their own skills, moves, and personalities. One such character is Berseker who is personally one of my favorite characters and in this DNF Duel Berserker Guide, we will be discussing his Special Attacks, MP moves, combos, and some Awakening abilities.

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    Now without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

    Berserker Guide

    DNF Duel Characters Guide
    Berserker Character from DNF Duel

    Berserker is surely one of the most popular characters of the game since this character has been used for all sorts of promotional purposes. Berserker is the first character you see when you boot up the game. Other than that, he is also one of the strongest and fearless characters, who will sacrifice anything for a proper high damage attack like his HP.

    Berserker is a beginner-friendly character and can exert a significant amount of damage. Every player will enjoy Berserker because of the good selection of anti-airs, medium- to long-range attacks, and projectiles that it offers. His special attacks and awakened skills are totally worth the watch.

    Special Moves

    Berserker Character from DNF Duel
    Berserker Character from DNF Duel

    There is quite a balance when it comes to Berserker and his attacks. Berserker has just the right amount of on-the-ground and in-air attacks that limit the approach of the opponent and also has a fairly high speed.

    Berserker has a good variety of Special attacks. One of his attacks being Gore Cross (Skill Attack + Right). During it, Berserker leaves a mark in the air and then smashes it towards the opponent if you press the skill button again, no matter how far the opponent it’s quite difficult to dodge.

    Some close-to midrange attacks like Ghost Slash (Skill Attack) and Upward Slash (Skill Attack + Down) work best when it comes to the defense, they can also be used to counter the midair attack from the opponent’s side. Mountainous Wheel (Skill Attack + Left) is a powerful floor slash that connects in numerous combos that you’d otherwise lose.

    Special MP Moves

    DNF Duel Berserker Guide
    Berserker Character from DNF Duel

    MP Skills are where things get crazy for Berserker and a little more complex for the players. These complex game mechanics will eventually become understandable as you get better with the character.

    Blood Sword (Forward + MS) is yet another mid-range attack that can exert heavy damage and can also deliver multiple combos. Blood Lust (Back + MS) will grab the opponent and allow Berserker to recover all of the white health. Raging Attack (Down + MS) will give an instant boost to the Berserker allowing him to deliver more damage with the same attacks.


    Frenzy (Neutral MS) is what actually unlocks the true potential of Breserker. It makes him faster and also changes his attack animations, his properties like damage and range also increase when Frenzy is activated.

    However, for something as good as Frenzy there is a sacrifice that Berserker will have to make. Remember we mentioned earlier that Berserker is someone who will sacrifice anything for a proper high damage attack like his HP? This is where it fits right.

    When Frenzy is activated, Berserker will be constantly getting white damage. Beserker has a fairly enough HP of 950, but if you abuse this attack its 950 will definitely feel like 800. Frenzy ends whenever you use an MP skill, conversion, or get hit.

    Awakening Effect and Skill

    DNF Duel Berserker Guide
    Berserker Character from DNF Duel

    Awakening Skill will become available to you once Berserkers HP is down to 30%. This will give you yet another chance to win the fight if you use it right. However these can only be used once in a fight, so make sure you use it when it is actually needed.

    The Thirst Awakening Effect will allow Berserker to restore lost health with each successful strike. You should make the most of this MP Skill while under the influence of Frenzy because he will also restore any HP lost while using it.

    Another Awakening Skill of Berserker is Blood Riven which is a close-range attack and can even hit a knocked-down enemy. This skill is also equipped with some remarkable graphics that are one of the selling points of Berserker.

    That is all on DNF Duel Berserker Guide. To know about more characters or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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