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    Disney Dreamlight Valley The Lonely Island Quest Guide

    In the fantasy world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, how can we forget the beautiful mermaid Ariel? Our gorgeous mermaid is in there too. You can invite her to your island. But she doesn’t have her realm where you have to find her. So, this guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Lonely Island Quest will help you save Ariel from her loneliness.

    If you’re thinking about other quests or curious to know about other characters in the valley, then here are the complete guides of quests and details regarding the Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Lonely Island Quest

    Before we begin the quest, there are two terms you should fulfill. You should have the Dazzle Beach and the Glade of Trust unlocked. Then you can proceed to the quest. First, you have to head over tot he Dazzle Beach. You can see the Skull Rock over there.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Lonely Island Quest
    Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Lonely Island Quest

    Approach it and you’ll see a destroyed raft near a pillar. Interact with it and you can pick a part of the wreckage. Now, you have begun the quest entitles “The Mysterious Wreck.”

    How to complete The Mysterious Wreck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Talk to Goofy and get the piece of the wreckage to him. He will assign you a task to craft it with the Raft repair kit. Then, you collect some crafting items for the kit. Here is the list of all the items that you’ll need.

    • Hardwood x30
    • Rope x7
    • Clay x25
    • Iron Ingot x10
    Found all items
    Found all items

    Finding all the items and the number of them will not be an easy task. It will be a tough one as you have to unlock new areas and find them all. Here is the list of the locations where you can find each one of them.

    • Hardwood will be found in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor.
    • The Rope is made from Fiber. To get Fibre, you have to fish in your nearby water bodies without nodes.
    • For Clay, you have to use your shovel and dig along the river side of Glade of Trust to collect it.
    • For Iron Ingot, you have to get it from Iron Ore. It will be found in the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor. You will need 5 Iron Ore to make One Ingot.
    Craft Table to repair
    Craft Table to repair

    Once you have found all the items, head back to get your crafting table. And get the repair kit ready. After you have completed it, talk to Goofy and head to the raft. Interact with the raft and it is ready to sail. Sail in the sea and Ariel will appear to you.

    How to complete The Lonely Island Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Now, The Lonely Quest will begin. Head back to the valley and build her home. You have to place Ariel’s Sea Castle on Dazzle Beach. Then Ariel will appear in the valley. Now you have to take a photo with her.

    Ariel at home
    Ariel at home

    In the end, you have saved our little mermaid Ariel. From the guide of Disney Dreamlight Valley, The Lonely Island quest will be easy for you to follow. And save the lonely Ariel. Complete the quest and be Ariel’s savior.

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