GamingRole-PlayingDisney Dreamlight Valley Money Making Guide (How to make money)

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Money Making Guide (How to make money)

    The world of our favorite childhood stories is alive in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Just like other games, you have many quests, rewards, and activities. Like cooking and fishing, you can earn money as well. In this Disney Dreamlight Valley money guide, we will help you to earn money. And the best ways to earn faster.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Money Making

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Money Making
    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Money Making

    Our favorite Scrooge McDuck will help you earn your money as Star Coins. Star Coins are the form of currency used in-game. It will help you buy clothes, food, furniture, and other utilities. So, it’s better to start working hard on these coins.

    Ways to Make Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Ways to Make Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    Ways to Make Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Here is a descriptive list of each way to earn money.

    Sell excessive craft materials

    • My recommendation will be to keep a hold on 50-100 items as a backup. As you progress in the game, you will see many quests and challenges that might require many items to complete. So, it’s better to keep sufficient craft material as a backup.
    • Here is a warning for you as a player. No matter how tough your situation is. Do not CONVERT your Dream Shards to Dreamlight. There are quests that require 10 or more Shards at once. And they are quite challenging to find. Whereas, Dreamlight is quite easy to earn.

    Dig for Gold

    • Gold is a brilliant choice to earn money faster. After you have unlocked the Pickaxe, you can easily use it to break black stones. There are numerous black stones marked on the map. You can break them to earn gems and gold. That you can sell later for your need of money.
    • For gems, you have to search for black stones with color dots on them. These stones are guaranteed to have gems in them. And there is a shiny variant as well. These shiny variant gems hold 4 times of Star Coins than the regular ones. Collect them and sell them later.

    Build good relationships with the Characters

    Farm and sell crops

    After you have unlocked the Cooking quest, a stove, coal, and a few of ingredients will be enough. You can increase the price of your meals and make money.

    Sell the food at good prices. And purchase your needs to keep going. For coal, you can purchase it from Kristoff’s Stall. And for crops, you can farm and use your cooking skill to sell prepared meals.

    Fishing And Stocking them

    Selling a single fish wouldn’t help. So, it’s my recommendation to go fishing regularly and stock them up. Sell the fish pile the moment you need money. And if you have a partner on fishing trips, then you can also use your bonus fish.

    Best Way to Earn Money Faster

    You can money faster by farming crops, fishing, and selling meals. My recommendation would be to have crops and fish ready to sell. If you get in need of money, you can sell some portion of it. Or use can use it to rejuvenate your lost energy.

    Finally, you can earn good money for yourself in-game. So, go try fishing and farming. Have money backup ready. To know about Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Guide or for more Guides, keep following Retrology.

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