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    Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide (How to unlock, quests, gifts, and friendship levels)

    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are many characters from the fantasy world of Disney. And also Merlin is one of them. In this guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin, I will help how to unlock Merlin and his friendship levels.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Merlin

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Merlin
    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Merlin

    There are many fun things to do in-game. Such as farming, cooking, and money-making. But here, you also have to characters for your help. Merlin is one of them.

    Merlin is the Disney character from the movie “The Sword in the Stone”. He is a powerful yet kind wizard to help a young boy named Arthur learn the initials of magic. This character will help you from the very beginning of the game. He will help you complete small tasks and jobs of the day. Like a pickaxe, watering can shovel, and other tools that you need further in the game.

    He will tell you about the misery of the villagers regarding the Forgetting Curse. Forgetting is the curse cast on the villagers without warning. The curse destroyed the villagers’ lives by making them forget about who they are and what they do. And even pushes some characters into other realms. Where they are imprisoned and cannot return back without help.

    Merlin will guide you to do tasks and help the villagers to reverse the Forgetting Curse aftermath. Moreover, you will complete tasks for your own benefit. And can also be their savior.

    How to Unlock Merlin?

    As I have informed you that Merlin will be the first character you will interact with within the game. So, you don’t have to unlock him. Since he is already there for you. But there are a number of quests and challenges you have to complete for Merlin. Let’s get to know those quests.

    Merlin’s Quests

    Merlin's Quests
    Merlin’s Quests

    There are various quests that you have to complete for Merlin. Few quests are needed to be unlocked once you have access to certain biomes. And other are needed to be completed to increase your friendship level with Merlin. Here is a list of those quests.

    • Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
    • The Royal Tools
    • The Dream Castle
    • Friendship is Everything
    • A New Enchantment
    • With Great Power
    • A Lesson in Frustration
    • Crystal Mystery
    • A Dark Experiment

    Merlin’s Gift Collection

    Merlin loves gifts. But they change daily. Here are the most common items he loves.

    • Dream Shards 
    • Candy
    • Blue Falling Penstemon
    • Empty Vial
    • Crudites
    • Blue Hydrangea

    Merlin Friendship Levels

    You can improve your friendship with Merlin. There are certain levels to it. Here is the list of them.

    LevelHow to Unlock Reward Type Icon
    1Unlocks Merlin the CharacterMerlin
    2Unlocks a Bag of Tricks Decoration Item (decor)
    3Unlocks an Outfit OverlayDesign Motif
    4Unlocks 500 Star Coins 500 Star Coins
    5Unlocks the Alchemy Potion DecorationItem (decor)
    6Unlocks the Magic Bag of Tricks Decoration Design Motif
    7Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins 1,000 Star Coins
    8Unlocks the Alchemy Bookcase Furniture Item (decor)
    9Unlocks a PosterDesign Motif
    10Unlocks the Wizard Hat Item (clothing)

    Here are all the details of Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin is here. Go ahead and read it all.

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