Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishing Guide (How to do fishing and in the best ways)

    In the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the players can live the magical life of their favorite character. There are many activities and events to try. Just like cooking, fishing is also a simple activity in Disney-style life. Come along with us in the Disney Dreamlight Valley fishing guide. It will help you learn all about fishing and its best ways.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fishing Guide

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fishing Guide

    Fishing is quite simple and is exactly like real-life. But first, you will need a fishing rod. There will come a quest from the main storyline. You have to search for a broken fishing rod for Goofy. You will then get to repair it. Once it’s fixed, Goofy will hand over the rod to you automatically.

    Now, you have the fishing rod. To access it, press 4 from the keyboard. Now select the right trigger for the radial menu. Then, click the Fishing Rod. Now, you are all ready to start fishing. Reach out to the pools nearby. You can see the bubbles coming upwards from a circle in the water.

    How does Fishing work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

    How does Fishing work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
    How does Fishing work in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

    If there are fish in the pool, you will have a circle in it. You have been precise with landing your rod in the circle. It should be right in its center. Now, just like real-life fishing, you have to wait for the bait to work.

    A small ripple will appear on the screen when the fish bites your bait. Hold down the line (X on PS and Spacebar on PC). Now, a timer-based mini-game will begin. You have to wait for the circles to align and then press the Pull button (Square on PS). Try it a couple of times. And you will surely catch a fish.

    You will see many water bodies, oceans, and pools on the map in the game. You have to be careful about the color of the ripples in fishing. There are three colors that will occur while fishing. That will determine the chances of the type of fish being caught.

    • White color shows it’s easy and quick to find the fish.
    • Blue means that there’s an average possibility to catch the fish there.
    • Orange color means the rarest fish is in the pool.

    The rarer the fish is, the more difficult it to catch it. That means you have to try several times.

    Best Way to do Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Best Way to do Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    Best Way to do Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    While waiting for the fish to be caught, would be very boring. So, you can ask for a partner in town! In the game, you will be asked to assign a role to the residents around you. Or you simply ask them “Let’s hang out!”. You can assign anyone with the Fishing role. So, whenever to head out fishing, your partner will be along with you. And you can get a bonus fish as well.

    Where to Search for the Fish?

    Here is the list of the fish that you will need for fishing in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    Fish Name Location Price (Coins)Energy Restored
    AnglerfishForgotten Lands1500+2000
    BassPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor,
    Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights
    Bream Peaceful Meadow600+1300
    CarpForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau400+800 
    CatfishPeaceful Meadow550+1200
    CodDazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands,
    Glade of Trust
    CarbFrosted Heights 600+1200
    White Sturgeon Frosted Heights1200+1800
    Kingfish Dazzle Beach450+800
    PerchForest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau80+400
    LancetfishForgotten Lands650+1300
    HerringDazzle Beach, Glade of Trust65+250
    Rainbow TroutPeaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor50+300
    SalmonFrosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau150+500
    SeaweedDazzle Beach, Forgotten Lands,
    Forest of Valor, Peaceful Meadow,
    Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights,
    Glade of Trust
    SquidGlade of Trust, Forgotten Lands500+1000
    SoleForgotten Lands200+500
    ShrimpDazzle Beach300+750
    WalleyeSunlit Plateau1100+1700
    Sword FishDazzle Beach 700+1500
    TilapiaSunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights600+1150
    FuguDazzle Beach900+1700
    Tuna Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust95+350
    Lobster Glade of Trust950+1600
    PikeForest of Valor800+1500

    From this guide, you can get the fishing rod, how to fish, and get the best fishes you want from the table given above. Go ahead, choose your partner, and have a good fishing time!

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