GamingRole-PlayingDisney Dreamlight Valley Cooking and Recipes Guide

    Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking and Recipes Guide

    For our classic stories players, the Disney Dreamlight Valley is here that allows you to live a Disney-style life. Disney Dreamlight Valley or DDV has many activities and events for you to enjoy in-game. Cooking is one of them. Here, we will help you cook mouth-watering meals in-game with Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide.

    Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking Guide

    Disney Dreamlight Valley or DDV is the brand new fresh Disney characters games with their stories. Cooking is one of those activities that players would love to enjoy and have more fun with. Let’s start without any further due.

    Unlock Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Just like in real life, you need to cook on a stove. In this way, you can unlock the cooking and start preparing meals. Here are the three ways to unlock cooking.

    • Help Scrooge McDuck’s shop with repair. And buy a stove from the shop for yourself.
    • Complete the Mickey Mouse Foodception quest and get a free Stove.
    • Else, you can craft a Stove.

    After you have a stove, you can start cooking with ingredients.

    How to Cook Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    How to Cook Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    How to Cook Meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    In the Disney world, cooking is not very different from reality. Here are the proper guidelines for you to cook meals.

    • Get Coal to ignite a fire.
    • You will need ingredients to prepare meals (collect, farm, or purchase the food items).
    • Now, interact with the Stove to start.
    • Next, select the top-left menu to select the recipe you want to cook.
    • Once the recipe is selected, a bundle of ingredients will appear in a menu on left. Drag and drop one ingredient at a time into the pot on the stove.
    • Now, click the Start Cooking option.

    As you’re done with cooking, the inventory will automatically update the meal. Now, it’s your call to finish cooking or prepare another meal. Not that if the inventory has no space for a new meal, then drop the meal on the floor and get the new meal to prepare.

    How do Recipes work?

    How do Recipes work?
    How do Recipes work?

    When selecting the Recipe, here are the four options you will look at.

    • Image of the prepared recipe
    • Stars Ratings – From 1 to 5 as low to best ratings respectively.
    • Ingredient Slot – There are nine categories of ingredients to choose from. They are  Vegetables, Fruit, Grain, Dairy & Oil, Fish, Seafood, Spices, Sweets, and Ice. When this option is in the recipe section, then it means any food item will work.
    • Main Ingredients Slot – the essential ingredients that need to be in the recipe. And alternatives cannot be added.

    How do get More Recipes?

    Here are the three ways to get more recipes.

    • Digging the ground for more recipes.
    • Win as a reward from the Quest.
    • Finding new recipes hidden in the furniture.
    • Unlock a new Recipe.

    Where to find the Ingredients?

    We have mentioned above about the ingredient. But here are the exact details about where you can get the ingredients.

    • Farm plants and crops.
    • Buy from Goofy’d Stalls.
    • Buy food items from Remy after preparing the board, Chez Remy.
    • Search for ingredients in zones from the map.

    Best Recipes List

    Best Recipes List
    Best Recipes List

    Here are all the details about the best recipes you should know. This list is compiled on the score of high selling prices and great energy restoration.

    #RecipeIngredientsPriceEnergy Restored
    1Smoked Peanuts
    and Anglerfish
    Anglerfish, Peanut22003960
    2Lobster RollLobster, Wheat, Lemon,
    Butter, Garlic
    3Potato Leek SoupLeek, Potato, Milk,
    Onion, Mushroom
    4Pumpkin PuffsPumpkin, Egg, Cheese14001466
    5Fugu SushiFugu, Rice, Seaweed13003261
    6SouffleCheese, Egg, Milk, Butter12002386
    7Lemon Garlic
    Swordfish, Garlic, Lemon11003713
    8Eggplant PuffsEggplant, Egg, Cheese9911941
    9Basil OmeletBasil, Egg, Cheese, Milk9822035
    10Peanut Butter
    Peanut, Wheat, Egg, Milk9781938
    11RatatouilleTomato, Eggplant, Zucchini,
    Onion, Any Spice

    In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Cooking guide is amazing with all ingredients. And good recipes to try. You can try more recipes and have more fun. Have a happy cooking time!

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