MiscDiscussionDiscussion on Chapter 6 of "Beach Read" by Emily Henry

    Discussion on Chapter 6 of “Beach Read” by Emily Henry

    Beach Read by Emily Henry is an enemies-to-lovers rom-com set in Michigan. The book follows two main characters. January Andrews is your typical female protagonist who believes in happily ever afters.

    Augustus Everett is the main lead who writes more serious literary fiction and keeps his feelings to himself. In this post, we will specifically be discussing chapter 6 of Beach Read.

    This book is perfect to read in just one sitting because you cannot get enough of it. Amid university, research papers, and exams this is just what I needed to relax. If you are a fan of wholesome rom-coms, this book should definitely be on your To-Be-Read list.

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    Even though I loved this book, there was a scene that did not make sense in my opinion.

    The Book Club Scene

    So there is this book club scene where both January and Augustus get invited to a party by Pete who also owns a bookstore in town. The party turns out to be a book club meeting. This is not how book clubs work. Also, the fact that January thought that they were reading Augustus’s book is beyond me.

    I mean couldn’t she just have seen the title of the book? Book club meetings are supposed to be arranged so people can discuss the said book. Neither January nor Augustus knew what book they were going to read or discuss.

    I know that the scene is supposed to be witty and cliche where the hero helps the drunken heroine but honestly, it did not make sense to me at all. Maybe this is not important and people may let this slip by. Personally, as someone who totally loves the idea of book clubs, the scene did not sit right with me.

    Sonya’s presence

    Moreover, Sonya who had an affair with January’s dad just happened to be in that book club meeting. This felt like a plot hole and it is also not explained why she was there. Emily Henry is a writer and she should know better than to completely butcher a scene about a book club.

    Apart from this, the book is absolutely heartwarming. If you are into audiobooks the audiobook of this one is narrated by “Julia Whelan” and is wonderfully done.

    This was all on the discussion about chapter 6 of Beach Read. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

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