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    Digimon Survive: Karma Guide

    The Karma system in Digimon Survive might be perplexing to new players or those unfamiliar with similar systems, and if you find yourself in this scenario, we’ve got your back. Everything you need to know is here in this Digimon Survive Karma Guide so let’s go ahead.

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    What is Karma System: Digimon Survive Guide

    In Digimon Survive, the Karma System determines the direction your Digimon will choose when Digivolving. There are three paths: Moral, Harmony, and Wrath. The Evolution Path is determined by the option you make while conversing with your Partnered Digimon.


    Moral Karma is an innate feeling of justice that entails always doing the right thing. More Moral points make it simpler to befriend Digimon who has the Vaccine characteristic. It is always represented by the right-most choice on the three-pronged conversation tree and is green in color.


    Harmony, as the name implies, is about considering the needs of others for the benefit of the entire team. It may be thought of as a compromise between Moral and Wrathful Karma. More Harmony points help the friendship of Digimon with the Data trait. The top option on the three-tiered conversation tree is usually yellow.


    Wrathful Karma is based on more selfish choices that are not necessarily in the best interests of others. More Wrathful points will make it simpler to befriend Digimon with the Virus characteristic. It is the last option on the conversation tree and is usually red.

    Vaccine – Data – Virus

    The Vaccine, Data, and Virus have the phenomenon of vice versa, more similar to rock paper scissors. Vaccine wins over Virus, Virus wins over Data, and Data wins over Vaccine.

    These are used during battle to determine whether specific traits conflict with each other. If one kind is very resistant to the other, the attack strength can be reduced by half. However, if one kind is vulnerable to the other, the harm might be doubled.

    Karma System Effects – The Types of Evolution

    Regardless of whether you select Moral, Wrathful, or Harmony, each option will advance the plot in a different path. Because the tale options are color-coded, it is simple to determine which one is Moral, Wrathful, or Harmonious. Every Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony option selected throughout the tale will contribute points to that option’s score, which adds up.

    • Champion Digimon: The champion evolution can take the shape of whatever score is higher. Going from Rookie to Champion might result in one of these three forms, depending on your Karma score.
    • Ultimate Digimon: However, it does not stop there. The Ultimate form can then transform into one of three additional forms depending on its Karma score. The prior form of karma would have no effect on this.
    • Mega Digimon: Finally, each of these Ultimate stage Digimon has a Mega form that corresponds to it. These forms may or may not change in accordance with the Karma score, depending on the ending chosen.
    Type of EvolutionMoralWrathfulHarmony
    Champion DigimonGreymonTuskmonTyrannomon
    Ultimate DigimonMetalGreymonMegadramonTriceramon
    Mega DigimonWarGreymonMachinedramonDinorexmon

    Multiple Karma Endings

    Digimon Survive features four distinct endings, each of which is related to the Karma system in some manner. When you approach the conclusion of the game, there will be an option that leads to several plot pathways. You’ll need a total of 25 of each Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony to unlock all four game endings. Here is a brief way of telling which ending leads where.

    • Moral ending: Left option
    • Wrathful ending: Top option
    • Harmony ending: Right option
    • Bad ending: Bottom option

    If you want to experience all the endings, you can make multiple save files and load from the last chapter, and lay from there. All of these are available no matter how you played through the whole game so do try it.

    Also, check out the Digimon Survive all Perceived Memories locations guide so you are on the journey to get all collectibles too.

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