All Easter Egg locations in Die Maschine for you to find

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, with its better-than-ever weaponry, operators, blueprints, and gameplay, brings new content for players to indulge in. This new update while adding changes to “Zombies Outbreak” mode also introduces you to “Super Easter egg” rewards.

    In this step-by-step guide, we will help you figure your way through the Die Maschine Easter Egg challenge and how to grab that Easter Egg trophy. 

    Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide

    Enter the Facility

    You will find yourself outside the building and your first task will be to gain entrance to the facility. To make it happen, you will have to hoard enough points to open the doors to the facility, located underground on the map. 

    For 500 points, open the door to the Rabbit building and enter the living room. Then open the barrier for 750 points leading upstairs to the Mezzanine. Now head over to the Penthouse and make your way to the barrier leading to the Crash Site by the crashed plane. As you explore the crash site, you will find the barrier near a blue arrow. Open the barrier leading into a tunnel

    leading to the facility’s entrance, the door will open automatically.

    Turn On the Power

    Find your path through the tunnel into the control room. You will come across a door to your right that will lead you to the weapons lab. Open it and gain 1500 points. This will get you access to the particle accelerator. Now open the door where the same blue arrow points to enter the power room. Use the switch you see to turn on the power. 

    Investigate Anomaly

    Go back to the room with the particle accelerator and play around with the two switches at either end of the room. This will make an Anomaly appear in the middle of the room. Interact with the purple orb and it will teleport you to the Dark Aether. 

    Retrieve Machine Part

    You will see shiny purple jellyfish in the sky. No time to get distracted so run towards the map marker near the crash site and take the Aether Tunnel for 500 points. Once you have landed, turn around to pick up the machine part for the Pack-a-Punch.

    Repair Machine

    Make your way to where you saw the purple orb. In its place, you will now find a Pack-a-Punch machine. Use the part you gained to repair the machine. If you have some points to spare, you can always upgrade your weapon or buy new armor. 

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Build Aetherscope

    This is one of the most crucial steps. Go to the Dark Aether and get the three components needed to assemble the aetherscope:

    The Crash: on top of the crashed plane.

    The Yard: under the staircase outside the Nacht Der Untoten 


    Particle Accelerator: behind the Fast Travel Point.

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Get the DIE Wonder Weapon

    If you have completed the above steps, a Megaton enemy will spawn. Kill him to receive a golden key card. Now that you have obtained the Keycard, head to the Weapons Lab and put it into the computer. This will help you pick up the D.I.E. Remote Control that spawns. 

    Now head over to the living room in the Nacht Der Undertoten building and interact with a glowing blue hole which will activate the D.I.E. Machine. Now kill the zombies that appear. Discharge the device once you’ve eliminated enough zombies to see the door to the room fly off. You will discover a body carrying the D.I.E. Shockwave within the room. It’s yours to take now. 

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Once you have collected the Shockeave wonder weapon, the others i.e fire, toxic, and ice are pretty easy to get your hands on. 

    Give the Ghosts the Diary

    Take the Dark Aether portal from the Medical Bay room. Pick up the diary on the desk next to the computer in the small room upstairs. Run around the room till an anomaly appears. Give the ghost or anomaly the diary. You will have to repeat this for the other two places as well i.e. Control Room and Particle Accelerator.

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Raise the Cylinders

    With the device now activated and glowing purple, use all four of our Wonder Weapon variants to shoot the four large cylinders arms that are hanging from the device. This will cause the cylinders to rise up.

    Decontamination Agent

    Use a portal to make your way to the dark aether. Talk to an anomaly here who will tell you to head over to the Yard. Interact with a Tank there. The Tank will fire a shot at the tree and destroy it. The Perk Machine is next to the Decontamination Agent.

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Make your way to the Medical Bay and place the Decontamination Agent into the glowing red slot. This will cause Megaton to spawn. Kill him. Now go to the computer in the Medical Bay and interact with it which will trigger a lockdown to occur. You will be attacked by a stream of zombies. Defeat them and make it to the surface. 

    Now head over to Dark Arther and enter the Omega Outpost. Talk to Orlov in the corner. To start the last boss battle, interact with the photo he left behind.

    Final Boss Fight

    You will have to protect Orlov from three waves of Zombies. Make sure that Orlov does not get hit as this will slow down the process of shutting down the Particle Accelerator. Use all your Wonder Weapons, as they will increase your chances of survival. 

    Die Maschine Easter Egg

    Once you have successfully shut down the Particle Accelerator, make your way back to the Pond and interact with the helicopter. This will lead your Easter Egg to completion. 

    This was all about the Die Maschine Easter Egg. For more helpful guides, keep following Retrology. 

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