GamingRole-PlayingDiablo Immortal Jeweler Guide: Manage Your Gems

    Diablo Immortal Jeweler Guide: Manage Your Gems

    Apart from all the bosses, quests, and challenges, Blizzard Entertainment has added many more items and collectibles in this new installment of the Diablo franchise named Diablo Immortal. This means that this game is going to be everything but boring. Diablo Immortal was one of those games that were already on our list of top June 2022 games even before it was released.

    Nevertheless, talking about some cool items in the game, one such item is gems. However, many players have no idea that there is a jeweler in the game that can help you manage both regular and legendary gems. Which can be quite helpful when it comes to upgrading your gear or boosting your character.

    If you are also one of those players who are confused about how To Unlock Jeweler? its location and services, or how can you upgrade and craft legendary gems? then you don’t have to worry anymore because we got you covered. In this Diablo Immortal Jeweler Guide, we will help you with everything you should know about jewelers in quite detail.

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    Now without any further ado, let’s begin.

    How To Unlock Jeweler

    To get your hand on the jeweler you will first have to progress through the main story until you reach an objective named “Diamond in the Rough”. The mission is quite easy to finish all you have to do is escort VIC who basically is the jeweler to his business and in return, he will provide you with his services. Once you are done with this objective, you will now have access to all the jewlers in Diablo Immortal.

    Types of Jewelers

    Diablo Immortal Jeweler Guide
    Jewelers from Diablo Immortal

    You will have only two types of jewelers in the game, the first one is the Apprentice Jeweler, who will responsible for handling your jewelry needs in the game. The Apprentice Jeweler is located in Westmarch’s Rakkis Plaza and you can also find them at player hubs of every zone or in the main towns. The other jewelers are gem traders who basically sell gems for you.

    What does the Jeweler do?

    The jewelers offer quite a lot of service, from managing to socketing your gems, from improving the jewels you purchase and collect as you progress to crafting legendary gems, one can expect almost anything from jewelers.

    Swap And Upgrade Gems

    You can freely swap gems to check your combat ratings without the fear of losing your gems, and there are no additional costs for it either. Moreover, you can also upgrade a normal or legendary gem by the jeweler.

    In order to upgrade your Rank 1 normal gem to Rank 2, you will need to combine three Rank 1 gems to get your hand on a single Rank 2 normal gem. However, there is a limit that you cannot exceed after upgrading to Rank 6 you cannot use normal gems to upgrade it any further, you will now need Echo Crystals.

    For upgrading the legendary gems, the process is not so different than the normal gems. you must combine multiple legendary gems as well as Gem Power, which can be obtained by salvaging unnecessary legendary gems.

    How to Craft Legendary Gems

    For crafting a legendary Gem various amounts of Platinum and Runes will be required depending on the type of gym you are about to craft. To get your hands on the Runes you will have to complete certain Elder Rifts, once you’ve completed Elder Rifts you will get Runes as a reward or you can also purchase them by using Faded Ember.

    That is all on Diablo Immortal Jeweler Guide. For more guides, keep following Retrology

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