GamingDestiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest Guide

    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest Guide

    Released back in 2019, Destiny 2 has recently gotten a fresh update from its Bungie developers and we have to say that fans are totally loving it. The update has introduced quite a few unique stuff. From new Exotics and the latest armor sets to weekly missions, quests, and collectibles, you’ll find almost everything. Nevertheless, we will be discussing all these new additions in some other guide. So, for today the topic that we are anchoring on is none other than Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest.

    To begin, this particular quest is also one of those quests that will be awarded to you by Quin and of course as you progress through the game these quests do keep on getting harder. Additionally, it does seem like the instructions for some quests are not that straightforward. However, with this complete guide, you won’t really have to worry. Because here we will be discussing each and every step of how to successfully complete Maelstrom quest. So without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest

    Despite only having four quest steps, the Destiny 2 Maelstrom quest will take you some time to accomplish. Obviously, you will encounter quite a few enemies as well during the quest, so be sure before you begin with the steps.

    Step #1

    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom
    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest – Step #1

    The very first step requires you to bond with Strand sources and defend the area. You basically have to find 2 strand sources in  Vex Incursion Zone. However it is not as easy as it sounds, the location of the Vex Intrusion Zone keeps on changing throughout the week.

    So be sure to keep an eye on the map and keep looking for Vex Incursion Zone in the 3 main regions of Neomuna. It must be in one of those regions and will be marked on the map. If you ever need to locate it and the quest marker isn’t there, search for a region with glowing, green dotted lines on the map.

    Once you’ve successfully made your way to the zone start looking for strand sources. There is no exact location mentioned for these strands because they spawn randomly at different locations.

    So keep on defending the area and exploring the grey diamond-like markers until you come across strand sources. These strands will also be marked with the grey diamond like marker when you get close to them. Also, keep on completing Public Events, Patrols, and looting resources within the Vex Incursion Zone.

    You may have interacted with green Strand orbs similar to these during the Lightfall campaign. Interact with them when you find them in Vex Incursion zone and you will be done with the very first step.

    Step #2

    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom
    Maelstrom Quest – Step #2

    Step 2 requires you to complete a particular Lost Sector and as discussed earlier the Vex Incursion Zone changes its location throughout the week. For that very reason, this particular Lost Sector will also keep on changing its location from time to time. However, what you can do is first locate the Vex Inclusion Zone. After that look closely for arched lines on the map which will be the location of this Lost Sector.

    Once you’ve successfully got to the Lost Sector, look for the emblem while dealing with some enemies as well. This Lost Sector won’t really be much different from the ones you usually come across in the game so good luck with this one as well.

    Step #3

    Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest
    Maelstrom Quest – Step #3

    After successfully completing the Lost Sector make your way to the Hall of Heroes and get to the 4 broken structures at the end of the Hall. Interact with the right one, it will start to reform and you will be done with the very third step.

    Step #4

    Maelstrom Quest – Step #4

    Last but not the least, make your way back to Quin in the same Hall to complete the quest. She will reward you with some legitimate rewards and yet another quest upon completion of this quest.

    So voila, there you have it, congratulations on successfully completing Destiny 2: Lightfall Maelstrom Quest. Do let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. If you still haven’t subscribed to Retrology’s mailing list down below then do consider doing so you do not miss out on any of the latest updates and guides. We’ll see you in the next one.

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