Deliver Us Mars all collectibles & achievements – Chapter 1

    Released on the 3rd of February 2023, it seems like Deliver Us Mars has come right from the future or at least is a reasonable prediction of the future perhaps. The sequel of Deliver Us The Moon, Deliver Us Mars is completely a matter of life and death. The human race is closer than ever to extinction but can be saved. Only if you as a player are ready to take on some challenges. Nevertheless, as you hop on to the game, apart from all the challenges, there are quite a few Deliver Us Mars collectibles and achievements that you will have to get your hands on as well.

    However, not many players know about the locations of these collectibles or how to complete those achievements. Thus, in this guide, we will be aiding you with Deliver Us Mars all collectibles and achievements of Chapter 1. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

    Deliver Us Mars Collectibles & Achievements

    There are in total 2 achievements and 5 collectibles in Deliver Us Mars chapter 1. These are however a lot easier to find than the upcoming chapters since this is just the beginning of it all. Here are the exact locations of all Deliver Us Mars collectibles and achievements.

    MoonMan Vol 1 – Collectible

    Deliver Us Mars all collectibles
    Deliver Us Mars MoonMan Vol 1

    The very first collectible is MoonMan Vol 1, which you will find right at the start of the game in Kathy’s room. The MoonMan Vol 1 is placed on top of a table right next to the telescope.

    Home is … – Achievement

    Deliver Us Mars all collectibles
    Deliver Us Mars Home is achievement

    Well, for this achievement you won’t really have to do anything other than just complete the prologue of the game. You will get this achievement automatically and cannot avoid it since it is related to the story.

    Who waits five minutes, seriously? – Achievement

    Who waits five minutes, seriously? – Achievement

    Once the prologue is over and you’ve come down from the platform, head over to the WSA where you will find Ryan standing next to a car. Talk to Ryan and when he asks Kathy to hop on stand in front of the car there for 5 minutes in order to complete this achievement.

    MoonMan Vol 2 – Collectible

    Deliver Us Mars Collectibles
    Deliver Us Mars MoonMan Vol 2

    Right outside the WSA headquarters when you head down the stairs, in one of the corners you will find a few tables and benches for people to sit. Get close to those tables and your MooMan Vol 2 will be placed on top of the most right one.

    The WSA Globe – Collectible

    Deliver Us Mars all collectibles and achievements
    Deliver Us Mars WSA Globe

    This one is relatively easier to find as it is located right outside the WSA headquarters. It is a huge golden globe which you will have to scan once you find it.

    Rolf’s Space Suit – Collectible

    Deliver Us Mars Rolf’s Space Suit

    For this one, make your way to the WPA museum and at the end of this museum right next to the exit door is where you will find Rolf’s Spcae Suit. Just like the WSA Globe, you will have to scan this one as well.

    Mission Gear – Collectible

    Deliver Us Mars Mission Gear

    The last collectible of Chapter 1, Mission Gear can be found before boarding the starship Zephyr, you can locate the Mission Gear in a blue box to the left of the elevator.

    Moonbear – Achievement

    Just like Home is … achievement, this one is also related to the story and as soon as you complete the chapter you will get it automatically.

    That was all about Deliver Us Mars all collectibles and achievements of chapter 1. Let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. To know about Guide to The Callisto Protocol chapter 7 collectibles locations or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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