Deleted Scene from Thor: Love and Thunder Reveals a New Greek God in the MCU

    MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder will be out in a week. And fans are excited to see their superhero Thor again. An exclusive deleted scene via IGN from the movie made the fans curious about it. If you are also one of those fans, then here is all you want to know about Thor: Love and Thunder deleted scene.

    Thor: Love and Thunder Storyline

    The aftermath of the war with Thanos has left many scars on Marvel’s superhero team, Avengers. After Thanos and his family died, God of Thunder Thor(Chris Hemsworth) is trying hard to live along with the backwash of the Avengers: Endgame. Thor needs to find a new purpose to live his life and let his scars heal. And very soon, he finds it. He left the Guardians of the Galaxy and made a team of his own. His best friend Korg( Taika Waititi ) and the returned Asgardian female warrior King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) along with her former lover Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman ), now the Mighty Thor as his team.

    Thor and his team will bring down the new murderous villain down. Gorr, the God Butcher ( Christian Bale ) is on a new mission to kill all the gods. Thor and his buddies reach Omnipotence City, another lavish metropolitan community that has the parliamentarian house of gods. They request the help of the Greek God Zeus( Russell Crowe ) and his everlasting believers to stop Gorr and his vicious plan.

    But Zeus who himself is scared of the Gorr denies Thor. He decides to stay safe. That in turn pushed our superhero team to face them on their own. But the new character wasn’t able to be truly introduced in the movie. Dionysus( Russell Beale ), Zeus’ youngest son introduced Thor and his allies to God’s assembly.

    Greek God Dionysus’s scene deleted from Thor: Love and Thunder and the reason behind it

    Deleted Scene from Thor: Love and Thunder(via IGN)

    The spoiled arrogant dumb Dionysus in his golden chariot and servants feeding grapes and fanning over him. He was to introduce Thor formally in the assembly. But in the final movie, this scene was cut out. The only scene included was where Thor speaks his agenda to the assembly and Zeus was one to host it.

    The scenes were deleted as the scene for a steady flow of the movie. And also as a form of urgency from heroes. After Thor: love and Thunder deleted scene is out, fans are more speculating the Dionysus. Fans predict to see more of the Greek God in the upcoming series.

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