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    Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage Guide

    Pilgrim’s Passage in Cult of the Lamb, is known to be a very intriguingly cozy and resourceful place. It’s a good place that has its own story and is filled with items useful for you and your cult/followers. If you want to know about this place and its items, this Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage Guide will help you with it.

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    Where to find Pilgrim’s Passage?

    The Lamb will first meet the Fisherman in Darkwood, on their route to assassinate Bishop Leshy. He’ll inform the Lamb that this is his fishing location and that he doesn’t want to share it, but he’ll point the player to a better one.

    More destinations appear on the map as the Lamb proceeds through the game, but this is one of the earliest. This is the point at which Pilgrim’s Passage will appear on the map. It will be the second site to appear after Ratau’s Lonely Shack.


    Before we get into details about the Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage area, here are some things you can find there:

    • Fish: Although the Lamb can obtain this resource through enemy drops and chests during Crusade runs, it is easier and more fun to fish for them from the pier. The fishing minigame also yields rare fish and other goodies.
    • Berries: If the Lamb has hungry followers, there are a few Berry bushes here, but there are few or no agricultural plots at this early stage. These berries can be collected but not planted or farmed.
    • Wood: The Lamb can cut down a few trees here, which is useful because the people need fuel for their fire.
    • Stone: You can mine the few small stone outcroppings for more Stone, but this resource is scarcer here than elsewhere.

    Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage

    Once you reach Pilgrim’s Passage, you’ll be able to “unlock” this place by talking to the only person there, Fisherman. He’ll emerge at random, fishing on a lake. When you interact with him, he will reveal the path to the new location. Once there, proceed to the left side of the area and into the unlit lighthouse.

    Fisherman: Side Quest

    Fisherman: Side Quest (Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage)
    Fisherman: Side Quest (Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage)

    This is not related to the Pilgrims Passage as it is only a quest you can do if you want to learn fishing. Fishing helps a lot later on so it’s a good skill to learn. Talk to the fisherman and learn how to fish. When you’ve learned to do it and will be able to catch lobsters, squid, octopus, and fish you can take it to the fisherman. He will reward you with a Holy Talisman piece that can make your crown upgrade, or just make it better.

    Light up the Lighthouse

    Inside the Lighthouse
    Inside the Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse quest is the most important in this area. Here’s how you can do it.

    • Talk to the main cultist and hear why their lighthouse isn’t operating.
    • After that, you can approach the furnace and discover that it is devoid of fuel. Bring back 15 logs and place them in the furnace to relight the lighthouse.
    • Once lighted, the cultists will vow their devotion to you, and a new totem will fall from the sky.
    • After finishing the first portion of the lighthouse quest, the lighthouse keeper will instruct you to go find 25 Crystals and return them to the lighthouse.
    • To find the crystals needed for this assignment, you must unlock and explore the third location, Anchordeep.
    • You will have to do some digging to find them as they are not easy to find.
    • When you’ve found all the crystals, you can hand them over. As a reward, you’ll get a new follower as a sign of peace.


    Shops on the right side of lighthouse
    Shops on the right side of lighthouse

    After you can restore the lighthouse, you’ll find the two vendors reopening their shops. From the first shop, you can get blueprints. They are for buildings, decorations, and other structures which can be built or decorated, or improved. The other vendor has Tarot Cards, which can be a useful resource for Lamb’s followers. You can get details about tarot cards in this Cult of the Lamb Tarot Cards Guide.

    Garden and Shrine

    Garden and Shrine
    Garden and Shrine

    You’ll also find a garden and a wooden fish shrine behind the lighthouse. The shrine is not that useful as it can only provide light while the garden is very useful. You can harvest some berries and plants that are growing here. Although it cannot be used to plant your items, the resources already available are a good significant amount.

    The Dock

    The mysterious dock
    The mysterious dock

    The original leader of the area, according to the Lighthouse Keeper, has been gone since she went for a nocturnal stroll on this dock. The pattern on the wooden planking is similar to the painted decorations in the dungeons, implying she came into contact with a nasty marine creature. The Lighthouse Keeper mentions a creature lurking in the water after dark, but he has no further information.

    That is all on Cult of the Lamb Pilgrims Passage Guide. To know about Cult of the Lamb Recipes Guide or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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