Completing Should’ve Gone to the Motel trophy in The Quarry

    Ever since The Quarry has hit the market, its been widely played and praised for its unique idea and storyline. Although it is made by the same company as Until dawn, it is a different story and gives you more opportunities to save everyone, or kill some; depends on your choices. This is a pretty fun interactive game and with killing, saving and choosing, there are some other things this game can offer, those being the trophies. You can get these trophies by choosing a certain path which will lead to a specific conclusion. One of these conclusions is Should’ve Gone To the Motel Trophy.

    What is “Should’ve Gone to the Motel trophy” about?

    As said by the title, this trophy is reference for Laura and Max’s Reunion. Although it may only be captured by ones who played the game, it can be observed by anyone as this reference comes from the very beginning. In the start we see Laura and Max get lost by coming to the camp one day early and this in turn gets a cop, Travis Hackett, to stop them from going any further.

    He orders them to go to a motel nearby and leave for camp in the morning. He tells them its not safe to drive at night but of course, Laura and Max don’t listen and they end up being drugged and infected, respectively.

    All the choices are in chapter 9 and if you reach the Hackett’s family house, it will continue from there. Now to the task at hand, here are the steps you need to follow to unlock this achievement.

    Don’t infect Ryan

    When Ryan is about to die from the stad wound and Laura offers to heal him by getting him infected, decline the offer. Werewolf powers heal you and that was the motive behind Laura’s offer to infect Ryan so he could heal as he bleads profusely. Decline this offer and let him stay human.

    Kill the werewolf aka Chris Hackett

    When Laura turns into werewolf and Chris as werewolf enter the room, choose Ryan to kill Chris with the shotgun. Then Laura will turn back to human as Travis cuts her with silver mirror. As expected, Ryan will now die leaving the shotgun behind.

    Save Laura

    Travis now says to Laura that he cant let her go. To get out of this, Laura spots the shotgun and both Travis and Laura reach for it. Help Laura act fast with controls and then kill Travis. In this way, now you are free.


    The path would be updated and Laura will go meet Max at the island and they would be finally reunited. Also, you will get the “Should’ve Gone to the Motel trophy” in the Quarry.

    That’s it for this achievement. To experience a different storyline, check out the guide to complete Nobody’s Fool trophy in The Quarry for the much loved game; The Quarry.

    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
    I am Izna, an avid reader, gamer and otaku. I love to watch anime and write about them. Being a fan of single-player games, I like to play and guide the users with my gaming guides.
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