Chainsaw Man Anime: Release Date, Plot & Everything!

    Ever since the rumor spread about the Chainsaw Man anime getting an adaptation from its already famous manga, the fans have become wild. Everyone has been waiting for the final date to be announced and finally, it’s official.

    Plot of Chainsaw Man:

    The plot of Chainsaw man anime would obviously be similar to manga. As much as it’s known, it will follow the original plot. But we can’t say much until the anime comes out.

    When his father died, Denji was in huge debt and had no way to repay it. He saves a devil dog named Pochita, a demon dog, one day. This dog helps him do an unusual job for the yakuza: kill the devil and survive through it. Pochita has chainsaws which are very effective against these powerful demons. Unfortunately, a zombie demon killed him as a betrayal from the Yakuza itself.

    After the attack, Denji is killed, and Pochita gets severely injured. The two had previously agreed to merge, reviving Denji as a human-devil hybrid with Pochita’s chainsaw ability.

    After killing the devil who killed him, a team of government devil hunters approaches Denji as he has now partially transformed into a devil. One of them, Makima, persuades Denji to join their organization in order to avoid being hunted by them.

    Chainsaw Man Anime
    Chainsaw Man Anime

    For the first time in his life, Denji struggles to guide his dreams and build meaningful relationships as he is still half-human. Additionally, he also has to balance his life defeating demons and collaborating with other eccentric demon hunters as half-demon.

    The release date is Confirmed!

    It has long been speculated that the Chainsaw Man anime will be part of the fall 2022 anime season. It was all rumor, but the official website Crunchyroll announced that Chainsaw Man’s animation would begin streaming in 2022 in October of this year. Fingers crossed it’s true!


    For this series, Fujimoto stated multiple times that this manga took inspiration from many different things. During Chainsaw Man’s serialization, Fujimoto stated that he saw as many new things as possible, as the result took diverse elements from what he saw.

    Initially, Fujimoto intended many components of the series. New elements and counterparts were added as the series went on. He had no explicit intentions to provide payback to the meaningful-sounding phrases and things that seemed “odd,” adding that he left some things unexplained to make the second half of the series simpler to produce.

    After the official announcement of Chainsaw Man Anime, Fujimoto commented:

    “Chainsaw Man is like a copycat of Dorohedoro and Jujutsu Kaisen, and the studio of Dorohedoro and Jujutsu Kaisen will produce its anime!? I have nothing to say! Please do it!!.”

    Anime Details of Chainsaw Man Anime

    Chainsaw Man anime was announced on December 14, 2020, and is based on its manga counterpart. MAPPA Studio took over this task of animation. The first trailer for the anime series was announced at the “MAPPA Stage 2021-10th Anniversary” event. These are the people who have been confirmed to be working on it:

    • Director: Ry Nakayama and Makoto Nakazono
    • Screenplay: Hiroshi Seko
    • Character designs: Kazutaka Sugiyama
    • Demon Design: Kiyotaka Oshiyama
    • Action in charge: Tatsuya Yoshihara
    • Animation Producer: Keisuke Seshita
    • Art in charge: Yuusuke Takeda
    • Color key artist: Naomi Nakano
    • Displays Designs: Yohei Miyahara.
    • Official Soundtrack: Kensuke Ushio

    The series will premiere in 2022. Crunchyroll has licensed the series for release outside of Asia, along with an English dub. In Asia, Medialink will license the series.


    The cast for Chainsaw man anime is not confirmed but there are some speculations floating around which were leaked in 2021 when the anime was set to release initially. Following is the list of the unofficial cast for Chainsaw Man anime.

    • Pochita: Ikue Otani
    • Denji: Nobuhiko Okamoto
    • Makima: Yoko Hikasa
    • Power: Sumire Uesaka 
    • Aki: Takahiro Sakurai
    • Himeno: Kana Hanazawa
    • Hirokazu: Yoshimasa Hosoya
    • Kobeni: Yumi Uchiyama

    That’s all for Chainsaw Man. So, did you know an old anime, Trigun is getting a new anime adaptation after 25 years? If not go check all the details on it.

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