Capcom announces; Mega Man coming to the action-RPG Monster Hunter: World

    Earlier this week, it was announced by Capcom that Mega Man 11 along with the eight other games in the Mega Man X series, would be coming to the consoles and PC in 2018. Now, at E3 2017, the studio has surprised us with the announcement that Mega Man will be coming to the upcoming action-RPG Monster Hunter: World, the beta of which starts tomorrow.

    Capcom just released the new trailer for Monster Hunter: World, showcasing new gameplay and action. There we got to see the first glimpse of our favorite hero, Blue Bomber, in the world of Monster Hunter. The studio has made a 3D version of the classic 2D, 8-bit style Mega Man, which we have known for years. This blocky representation of him, in the world of Monster Hunter, looks strange with the rest of the world’s graphics. But, as we are getting our good friend Mega Man to fight alongside us. So, graphics won’t be a big deal in this matter.

    Apparently from the trailer, the Palico – our companion in quests – of Monster Hunter, will get to dress as Mega Man. These Mega Man skinned Palicoes will also get to yield some weapons, from the previous Mega Man games.

    • Great Sword
    • Gunlance
    • Long Sword
    • Charge Blade
    • Bow

    The best thing is, whilst fighting alongside Mega Man, players will get to listen to the classic Mega Man tunes in the background.

    Monster Hunter: World is coming on Jan. 26, to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be coming to the PC, but there is no release date for the PC version yet.

    Are you excited about this crossover? Let us know in the comments below. For more on Monster Hunter and Mega Man, stay with us.

    Source: PC Gamer

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