Break Suda’s Flow at three locations Genshin Impact

    Many new objectives and areas of interest have been added to Genshin Impact with the release of the 3.1 update. This update included Afratu’s Dilemma, a World Quest in the Valley of Dahri along with locations like Land of Upper Setekh, Great Red Sand, Sumeru, etc. Afratu’s Dilemma is one such quest that has a number of subquests on its own. One of the tasks you’ll encounter here is a task that requires you to break Suda’s flow at three distinct points or locations in Genshin Impact as you advance through this quest. Here’s how to locate and eliminate them.

    Starting Point

    Starting Point for this quest

    The location marked on the map is the starting point of this quest. If you start from this point, it will be easier for you to follow through with the whole procedure and guide. Also, this gives a clear video of all the paths you’ll need to take.

    Best Character

    Choose a character that has long-range attacks like a gun or bow and arrow. The green blobs are higher up and can easily be shot down with a single shot arrow. Characters like AmberColleiTartaglia, etc.

    It’s not that sword users or short-ranged other weapons cannot kill their blobs as they do hold more power. The reason for suggesting ranged characters is because these points are higher up and rather than flying up for each and everyone and wasting energy, shooting a single powerful shot from the ground is a much better option.

    Location # 1

    • From the point on the map, go straight ahead. You’ll see the main point with four paths stretching from there.
    • Go towards the path straight ahead of you and there you’ll see a big green blob. This is the thing you need to break or eliminate.
    First green blob
    • Once you destroy it, three more would appear.
    • Finish them off and you’ll get to the cutscene with the path getting cleared.

    Location # 2

    • Go towards the newly opened path which would also be connected to the center.
    • Once inside, you’ll see one blob on your left. Destroy it and move towards the right. Destroy the one present on your right too.
    Green blob on the left
    • Then go inside the space where the right blob was and destroy the three more hidden there.
    • This will open the middle tunnel.

    Location # 3

    • Go down this tunnel by slowly flying or jumping from the small platforms.
    Going down the main tunnel
    • Once on the ground, look around for more green blobs. There would be a total of six present all around the base of the tunnel. They are easy to spot so you can see them just by turning around.
    Green blobs at location 3
    • Once those are all gone, you’ll get the cutscene of the seal getting removed by falling off.

    That’s all on how to Break Suda’s Flow and their locations in Genshin Impact. If you’ve missed anything, you can check our Genshin Impact guides sections and see through the ones which you want.

    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
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