Best Studio Speakers To Buy This Year

    The contemporary studio is more inexpensive and portable than ever. Smaller speakers can actually provide a surprising degree of clarity for production, even if larger, more expensive monitoring devices will yield the most accurate results – especially in the low end.

    Smaller studio speakers are by nature nearfield. These will be used in smaller rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, audio post studios, etc. rather than in large studios. Then, these will fit neatly on your desk, taking up the least amount of room while still giving you a satisfying listening experience.

    These studio speakers are ready for the task, whether you’re looking for an extra set of reference speakers, want to furnish your home studio, or just want some new speakers for your multimedia listening.

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    In essence, the greatest studio monitor speakers are made to accurately portray the sound you’re producing. This approach could show you where your mixing process needs improvement or leave you feeling less accomplished. However, with this uncolored representation of your mix, you may decide what might need to be changed with confidence that what you hear in your studio will translate to the various replay methods listed above and beyond.

    From affordable options to professional-quality monitoring setup, we’ve compiled what we believe to be some of the greatest studio monitors now available on the market, along with the best pricing currently available online.

    Our Picks For The Best Studio Speakers

    1PreSonus Eris E3.519,469 ratings 
    Check Price
    2Alesis Elevate 5 MKII1,246 ratings
     Check Price
    3Pioneer DJ DM-40958 ratings
    Check Price
    4Rockville APM8W863 ratings
     Check Price
    5Behringer STUDIO 50USB71 ratings
     Check Price

    1. PreSonus Eris E3.5


    • Excellent sound for a beginner speaker
    • Two sets of outputs
    • Two sets of outputs
    • Headphone and aux inputs
    • Price
    • A clear, well-balanced sound
    • Smartly designed, compact speaker


    • Very few drawbacks exist at this price bracket

    2. Alesis Elevate 5 MKII 


    • Entry-level speaker at a great price
    • Sound fantastic given the cost
    • Helpful pro features


    • The high end is too unclear.
    • For bigger mixing spaces, you might require more power.

    3. Pioneer DJ DM-40


    • Impressive Clarity
    • Low-End Budget Price
    • High Volume Options
    • Clarity


    • No Tuning Options

    4. Rockville APM8W


    • Great bass production
    • Various connectivity options
    • Includes a USB port


    • Heavy at 33 pounds

    5. Behringer STUDIO 50USB


    • Exceptional Sound for the Price
    • Optional USB Connection
    • Generous Sweetspot
    • Good Price


    • Disappointing Low End

    That is all for this guide. We hope it was helpful in guiding you to which Studio Speakers you should invest in. For more tech guides be sure to check out Retrology!

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