EntertainmentBest Ezra Miller memes that you can't miss

    Best Ezra Miller memes that you can’t miss

    Recently “The Flash” star Ezra Miller has been arrested for hitting a woman with a chair. The incident happened at the house of an acquaintance in Pāhoa, Hawaii. Police reported that when they were asked to leave the house they became “irate”. Moreover, this is not the first time Ezra Miller has been arrested, he also got arrested in March for yelling obscenities at the people singing karaoke at the bar.

    The whole incident has created a lot of buzz on the internet. However, in this hot situation, some individuals have managed to come up with memes to dry out the negativity and put a smile on people’s faces. After blessing your feed with some of the best Will Smith hits Chris Rock memes, once again here are some of the best Ezra Miller memes that you can’t miss.

    Next up, Batman gets arrested for hitting Flash with a chair.

    Mike Tyson who?

    I’m not scared, you are

    It’s all about the vibe

    Not again!

    Peace was never a choice

    Rest in peace young man

    New Achievement unlocked

    Last one from my side guys, before Ezra Miller gets me too.

    That is all for the best Ezra Miller memes that you can’t miss. Let us know what you think about the whole situation in the comments section below. For more news and entertainment, keep following Retrology.

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