GamingBayonetta 3 Viola details - Everything we know (Updated)

    Bayonetta 3 Viola details – Everything we know (Updated)

    Developed by PlatinumGames, Bayonetta 3 is all set to release on the 28th of October 2022 according to its release date trailer. The game is definitely one of the most awaited games of 2022, Bayonetta 3 is the third installment to the Bayonetta series after Bayonetta 2 was released in 2014.

    The latest installment will be introducing some new maps, new enemies, and some new characters as well. One such character is Viola who became surely one of the most talked about characters after its reveal in the Bayonetta 3 release date trailer.

    Many players have shown eagerness to know more about this new character, so in this article, we will be mentioning Bayonetta 3 Viola details and everything we know about this new character so far.

    Who is Viola?

    Bayonetta 3 Viola details

    Nintendo has not given away much information in words about Viola, however, Nintendo did mention in one of its tweets that Viola is yet another witch (which becomes obvious after the release of the trailer).

    Moreover, Viola currently is a witch in training and is basically a secondary character that players will only get to control a few times. From the trailer, it is also revealed that Rodin was able to recognize Viola, which shows that he has encountered Viola somewhere in the past.

    Viola’s abilities

    Bayonetta 3 Viola details
    Viola character from Bayonetta 3

    The gameplay trailer shows that this witch in training is equipped with deadly swords and magical darts to take out enemies. Viola is also capable of activating Witch time by blocking incoming attacks at the right time, we also saw in the previous trailer that she will be capable of deflecting and even cutting bullets using her sword. She also has this hook which she uses to get close to her enemies and to ski through the area as well.

    Cheshire Cat

    Moreover, Viola also has a giant demon called Cheshire Cat which she can control just like Bayonetta controls her demons. However, whenever you summon the Cheshire Cat when playing Viola, she will no longer be holding swords but rather fighting barehanded, Witch time is something that you will also have to sacrifice if you want to summon Cheshire.

    However, the good thing is that you can switch between Cheshire and swords to come up with your own deadly combos.

    Is Viola another Bayonetta?

    Bayonetta 3 Viola details

    Viola’s gameplay is slightly different than that of Bayonetta and as far as the story is concerned it seems that Viola lacks experience which is the total opposite of Bayonetta who has gotten to perfection in defeating enemies. However, when it comes to the knowledge about the enemies, Viola has made its way up the bar.

    Viola says in the release date trailer that these enemies are not demons but rather man-made bio-weapons called Homunculi. Also, it’s mentioned that in order to save the world we have to find a scientist named Sigurd who can help us.

    The whole scene showed that Viola surpasses Bayonetta when it comes to knowledge. But how does Viola know all this? It’s still a mystery. Additionally, when it comes to attacks, Viola uses a combination of her Cheshire Cat and combat attacks to fight long-range and even close-range enemies, however, Viola lacks when it comes to firearms. While on the other hand, Bayonetta uses a combination of firearms and her melee attacks to deal with the enemies.

    That is all on Bayonetta 3 Viola details and everything we know about this new character so far. To know about Guide to beat Scorned Magnamalo in Sunbreak (Monster Hunter Rise) and for more details on Viola that will surely be coming out soon, be sure to stay tuned to Retrology.

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