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    Bayonetta 3 Lotus Seeds Farming Guide

    Bayonetta 3, another action-packed installment of the game published by Nintendo is here with its picturesque switch of locations and exciting missions for you to go on. 

    A lot of missions in the game, as in previous installments, allow you to farm certain collectibles crucial to the storyline. One of the items you need to farm in Bayonetta 3 are the lotus seeds. These collectibles have been recently introduced in the game and you will need them in abundance to afford items from the shop in the Gates of Hell.

    Side Chapter 4 in Bayonetta 3

    In this guide, we will let you know how to farm Bayonetta 3 lotus seeds easily

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    Side Chapter 4

    Side Chapter 4 should not be confused with Chapter 4 of the game as the two are visibly different levels in the game. You will get the best chance to farm lotus seeds after you reach the motorcycle level of Side Chapter 4 because by completing the motorcycle level of Side Chapter 4 you can gain about 35000 Lotus Seeds every 5 minutes! This can be highly paying, requiring minimum effort if you know what to do.

    Bayonetta 3 Chapter 4

    In this level, you will play as Jeanne instead of Bayonetta. You will be expected to deal with a lot of enemies. 

    As you go on defeating them, they will drop the Lotus Seeds. Keep collecting these and you will have many in a few minutes! 

    Collect the Teapot

    As you progress into the chapter, after almost 1 min and 30 seconds of defeating enemies, you will come across a shiny looking enemy. 

    Bayonetta 3 Lotus Seeds

    After you have defeated him too, he will drop a teapot. 

    Bayonetta 3 Lotus Seeds

    Collecting this teapot will bring a miraculous transformation in your character and Jeanne will transform into her most dangerous and powerful form, Cutie J.

    Bayonetta 3 Lotus Seeds

    Cutie J Form

    Before you get all riled up, remember that the Cutie J form lasts for only twenty seconds and as soon as you transform, a herd of enemies will start spawning in order to attack you. You have to be super fast and careful if you want to annihilate all of them and gain around 35000 lotus seeds. 

    Bayonetta 3 Lotus Seeds
    Cutie J Form in Bayonetta 3

    The more enemies you eliminate, the more lotus seeds you can get your hands on so make sure you collect them all and fast. 

    After you are done with this, you can quit the chapter or stay and kill a few more enemies as the boss spawns. 

    That concludes our guide to the Bayonetta 3 Medallion Shards locations. Follow Retrology to learn more about Bayonetta 3 Halo Rings Farming Guide and other gaming articles like this.

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