Bayonetta 3: All Phenomenal Remnant Collectible Locations

    Some challenges or quests in Bayonetta 3 are known as Phenomenal Remnants, and you have to unlock them. To unlock a Phenomenal Remnant for a chapter, you must find all of its Umbran Tears of Blood. After you’ve completed all Umbran Tears of Blood, you can begin working on Phenomenal Remnants. The locations of all the Phenomenal Remnant Collectibles in Bayonetta 3 are listed here in the guide.

    Chapter 2: Full Witch Heart

    Full Witch Heart
    Full Witch Heart

    Finish the three Green Light Challenges, and then you’ll have access to the chest. Hit the chest a few times until it opens and gives you a Full witch heart.

    Chapter 3: Infernal Presence

    As soon as you start, you’ll see a red pillar light right in front of you. Interact with it to start the challenge.

    Chapter 4: Broken Moon Pearl

    Broken Moon Pearl
    Broken Moon Pearl

    If you are able to finish the task within the time, you’ll be offered the broken moon pearl.

    Chapter 5: Full Moon Pearl

    Similar to the first quest for Full Witch Heart, you’ll have to complete the green light challenges. Once complete, hit the chest structure and break it to get the Full Moon Pearl.

    Chapter 6: Heavenly Light

    Heavenly Light
    Heavenly Light

    You’ll see the Heavenly Light in front of you as soon as you spawn. Interact with it to start the challenge. The challenge would be a fight against a group of Angels.

    Chapter 7: Full Moon Pearl

    Similar to chapter 4, you’ll have to complete the task within the time trial. Once done, you’ll get the Full Moon Pearl.

    Chapter 8: Full Witch Heart

    Do the same as you did for the first Full Witch Heart, finishing the three Green Light Challenges, and get your reward.

    Chapter 9: Figure Box and Infernal Presence

    Figure Box
    Figure Box

    There are two items you can get here. If you look towards the left, you’ll see some platforms. Get on them and a Figure Box would be visible on another platform in front of you. Make sure to grab it first, or it’ll disappear after the Infernal Presence fight.

    Secondly, come back to the area you started off in and interact with the red light to start the challenge.

    Chapter 11: Full Witch Heart

    Another time trial test awaits this time. You must navigate the Ginnungagap’s empty gaps in order to reach the chest at the end.

    Chapter 12: Full Witch Heart

    Repeat the process of completing green light challenges and get the Full Witch Heart.

    Chapter 13: Infernal Presence

    Infernal Presence
    Infernal Presence

    Rather than a swarm of foes, this will be a single-boss battle. A gigantic six-winged bat will come and engage you in combat after you step atop the crimson pillar of light.

    Chapter 14: Infernal Presence and Record

    The final collectible will be available in Phenomenal Remnant 14. It’s another boss fight. This boss is even larger and more difficult than the preceding Infernal Presence, taking up a considerable portion of the field.

    Defeating this boss will also grant you a record that allows you to listen to music from the game.

    With this, the list ends regarding the Phenomenal Remnant locations in Bayonetta 3. For more helpful guides, check out the guides section.

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