Bayonetta 3 all collectibles in chapter 11

    Bayonetta 3 is here with an all new storyline, exciting characters, and fun little collectibles for you to look for throughout the chapters. These collectibles are very useful for trade or gaining achievements so remember to not miss out on these!

    In this guide, we will let you know about Bayonetta 3 all collectibles in chapter 11 and where to find all of these. We have already covered locations for all collectibles in chapter 10 here

    Figure Box # 1

    As the chapter starts, head to your left and behind the rock, you will find your first figure box.

    Heavenly Light # 1

    Now that you have collected the Figure Box, keep going straight and take a left till you see the Heavenly Light shining from the distance.

    Crow Umbran Tear of Blood

    Go straight from where you have collected the Heavenly Light, you will find the Crow behind the buses. You don’t have to just find it but also try to get a hold of it. 

    Card Pack # 1

    From here, make sure you head straight and you will spot the card pack behind the bus. 

    Card Pack # 2

    After you have successfully got your hands on the first card pack behind the red bus, move a little further till you see another white bus. Behind it, you will find your second card pack. Grab it and go!

    Record # 1

    Keep following the path till it leads you to a murky, dark underground area. Once you get there, go left from the door and you will find the Record there. 

    Frog Umbran Tear of Blood

    Now that you have captured the crow you’d have some experience to get your hands on the Frog. You will come across it behind the pillar. Try to catch it as soon as you spot it. 

    Broken Witch Heart # 1

    Once you have captured the Frog, head out from the underground. As you make your way to the top, you will find the heart.

    Echoes of Memory # 1

    After you have made it to the top, use double jump and wings to catch the Echoes of Memory in the air.

    Broken Moon Pearl  # 1

    After coming down, head left till you spot the pretty little Broken Moon Pearl.

    Cat Umbran Tear of Blood

    As you walk through the street, you will be able to spot the cat standing at a terrace of a hotel. Make sure you catch it once you spot it!

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    Broken Witch Heart # 2

    You can spot this second Broken Witch Heart next to a store in start of the chapter. This store is called “Regard Neuf”. You will find the heart in the garage of the store.

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    Broken Witch Heart # 3

    As you head left, you will come across a huge statue. The third heart will be placed next to it. Interact with the statue while you’re here to reach the top. 

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    Figure Box # 2

    As you proceed through the chapter, you will come across a Boss at the roundabout. As you move past it, the box will be hidden between the buildings.

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    Broken Moon Pearl # 2

    You will find the second pearl as you enter the 2D section.

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    Heavenly Light # 2

    You will come across another Heavenly Light as you head deeper into the 2D section.

    Bayonetta 3 collectibles chapter 11

    These are all the chapter 11 collectibles in Bayonetta 3 that we were able to help you with. Do let us know if we’ve missed any of the ones you were able to find.

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