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    Bayonetta 3: all collectibles in Chapter 1

    There are multiple of each collectible in Bayonetta 3 so let’s get right into the locations of all collectibles in chapter 1 of Bayonetta 3.

    Medallion Shard # 1

    Medallion Shard 1

    It is directly behind the area where Verse #1 takes place. Walk over to the broken structure and leap down beside it to discover the shard.

    Figure Box # 1

    Figure Box 1

    Look towards the western side of the land and look down from the edge. There’s a hidden ledge to drop down onto to obtain this first Figure Box item.

    Echos of Memory # 1

    Echos of Memory 1

    It is inside the tower to the right where Verse #2 occurs. This little tower has a fractured section of the wall that can be attacked and broken into.

    Card Pack # 1

    Card Pack 1

    This card pack is sitting on a tree branch beyond the tower where you recently found the first Echoes of Memory.

    Broken Witch Heart # 1

    Broken Witch Heart 1

    Go to the purple glowing platform and interact with the device to go to another area.

    Broken Witch Heart 1

    There you’ll have to jump toward the red item on the right side of the platform shown in the picture above. Here you’ll get your first Broken Witch Heart. If you collect four of these, they’ll increase your overall health permanently.

    Card Pack # 2

    Card Pack 2

    Go back to the area you found the Echos of Memory and look at the tree behind the structure. The card pack would be on one of the branches of the tree extending towards the edge.

    Broken Witch Heart # 2

    Broken Witch Heart 2

    Behind the Summon Barrier, which is hidden behind the waterfall in the center of this opening. A key is required, which may be found directly above the waterfall following the Verse #3 battle.

    Broken Witch Heart 2

    From that, open the waterfall gate and you’ll be able to obtain a Broken Witch Heart.

    Cat Umbran Tear

    Cat Umbran Tear

    On the western side of the space, straight past the dog mannequin, a Cat wandering around. The aim is to outrun the cat as it approaches a corner. It’s hard to follow it around so try to take sharp turns as much as you can.

    Broken Moon Shard # 1

    Broken Moon Shard # 1

    As you enter this region, look to your immediate right. You must complete this fighting challenge and as a reward, you will receive your first Broken Moon Shard.

    Echos of Memory # 2

    Echos of Memory 2

    Simply forward the time so that the pieces of the collapsing building form a stairway for you to jump up and acquire the Echoes of Memory #2. Make sure to act swiftly because you only have 20 seconds before the debris falls.

    Figure Box # 2

    Figure Box 2

    Go towards the end of the parking space and you’ll find this one tucked in a corner.

    Card Pack # 3

    Card Pack 3

    After completing the time challenge on the roof, climb to the highest point on the billboard here and look across to see if you can fly over to the roofs on the opposite side of the street. Go here to get this pack.

    Figure Box # 3

    Figure Box 3

    This one is located exactly on top of the central curved building. Climb to the roof of the buildings on the left where Verse #7 takes place and then to the curved building straight ahead, then climb the sign on its roof and jump across to the tallest point.

    Card Pack # 4

    Card Pack 4

    Use the stairs from the front to the building you just climbed for figure box 3. Here you’ll find the card pack on your left.

    Toad Umbran Tear

    Toad Umbran Tear

    The Toad appears immediately after Verse 9. You’ll hear a Toad croaking before you get to the opposite side. It can be found on the rear of a Perseus Cafe sign. Simply approaching it will result in attaining the Toad Umbran Tear.

    Broken Witch Heart # 3

    Broken Witch Heart 3

    After a brief cutscene when Rodin gives you the demon pulse, walk to the left to locate this tucked away at the bottom of the road before you rip the ground open where the man is screaming. Another Broken Witch Heart will be your reward.

    Card Pack # 5

    Card Pack 5

    You can quickly locate this one by turning around the first corner once you’re down in the tunnels beneath Shibuya.

    Crow Umbran Tear

    Crow Umbran Tear

    The Crow is after Verse 11 in the sewers. The crow will start flying about as soon as you approach it. Because it’s bound to fly around here, it is recommended to trigger the flight and then head over to the start of the stairs. As soon as it gets close enough, you should be able to pick up the Crow without difficulty. Don’t worry if you miss it as you can simply wait for the Crow to return and then resume the procedure.

    Figure Box # 4

    Figure Box 4

    After five flights of stairs, you’ll find the Figure box there on the landing.

    Echos of Memory # 3

    Echos of Memory 3

    This one is in the tunnels section, off to the left of the enormous room where Verse #12 is located.

    Broken Witch Heart # 4

    Broken Witch Heart 4

    It is in the first Scurrier at the wrecked train on the way out of the tunnels. The game will alert you to it and you’ll get a piece of Broken Witch Heart from it.

    With this, the list of ends for all the collectibles from chapter 1 of Bayonetta 3 you can get. For more gaming help, check out the guides section on our site Retrology.

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