GamingBayonetta 3 All Betwitchments and how to get them

    Bayonetta 3 All Betwitchments and how to get them

    Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure game with various rewards. One of those rewards is the bewitchments. Bewitchment is a reward challenge for players. For further details, continue along the Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments guide to know it better.

    Bayonetta 3: Bewitchment

    Bayonetta 3: Bewitchment
    Bayonetta 3: Bewitchment

    Bayonetta 3 is finally out with a fashionable witch with guns in her hands. This game is filled with quests and missions to complete. There are 14 chapters long with a prologue; the game series for bewitchments takes 14 to 15 hours to complete. If you don’t know what bewitchment is. Let me brief you.

    Bewitchment is a rewarding seeking challenge. And in the end, you will receive various rewards once the challenge is completed. The beginning chapters are quite easy and try one attempt. But others take another attempt as well.

    These challenges are helpful in the long run for collection purposes. And you can brag about it too. Here are all the Bayonetta 3 Bewitchments details.

    Bewitchment #1: Prologue – A Chaotic Encounter 

    • Defeat the enemies in deck battles.
    • Make sure to avoid the clouds of erasure and Kraken’s ink.
    • Taunt any enemy on the battlefield.
    • Provoke Gomorrah’s Gripping Bite on Cumulonimbus.
    • In the end, give potential damage using Gomorrah to Kraken’s tentacle 5 times.

    Bewitchment #2: Chapter #1 – Scrambling for Answers 

    • Ride Gomorrah and get rid of three obstacles.
    • Pick a hamburger on your way.
    • Head towards the Shibuya landmark.
    • Inside the train, defeat 5 Stratus.
    • Defeat Pannus in a blink of an eye.

    Bewitchment #3: Chapter #2 – City on Fire 

    • Watch MC Enzo’s show on the monitor.
    • Use Infernal Demon form to scare three cats.
    • Ride with Phantasmaraneae.
    • Stop Asperatus with Webs three times.

    Bewitchment #4: Chapter #3 – A Sinking Feeling 

    • Collect Halos from the giant lantern.
    • As you move forward, dodge trains in your way.
    • Break the Iridescent Core 
    • Using Sin Gomorrah’s flame, hit Arch-Iridescent three times.

    Arch-Iridescent three times.

    Bewitchment #5: Chapter #4 – Worlds Apart 

    • Reach Ginnungagap and head towards the Lotus Field.
    • Using Phantasmaraneae Masquerade, walk over the lava.
    • Using Congestus’ control time, break Virga.
    • And lastly, use Infernal Demon to attack Mediocris three times.

    Bewitchment #6: Chapter #5 – Hot Pursuit 

    • Escape the fire and reach the top of the building.
    • Get in a fistfight with the enemy and before Luka passes it, use the ladder.
    • In the end, break Volutus 

    Bewitchment #7: Chapter #6 – Off the Rails 

    • Stay on the lava wheel for 5 seconds and pass through the broken path.
    • Bounce Arch-Pyrocumulous attacks three times and avoids debris.
    • Finally, use Phantasmaraneae to wipe off Pyrocumulous.

    Bewitchment #8: Chapter #7 – Burning Sands 

    • Interact with Chesire mirage three times and dig in the desert in the search of treasures.
    • Directly look into the Mural of Enzo for straight 3 seconds.
    • Head to move across the quicksand river.
    • Lastly, defeat 3 Uncius.

    Bewitchment #9: Chapter #8 – A Croaking Chorus 

    • Reach the top of the windmill tower.
    • Reach the temple to wipe off 5 Baal Statues.
    • Enter the hidden room and hit Castellanus’s core and use Baal’s poison rain for Mural.

    Bewitchment #10: Chapter #9 – Learning to Fly 

    • Scare 20 Malphas demons.
    • Exit the erasure clouds safely.
    • Finish the sand sliding task to start the battle.
    • During the battle, atop the Tower of Pacts and give 5 torture attacks.

    Bewitchment #11: Chapter #10 – Cover of Night 

    • Make your way through 10 stained glass shards and reach the Thule, to reach the top of the stone tower.
    • Reach Ginnungagap 
    • Try to avoid Striker while he’s in his field.
    • Defeat all the Mall Golems.

    Bewitchment #12: Chapter #11 – A Familiar Dance 

    • Find the items from the underground tunnel.
    • Attack Rose’s Umbran Armor to obtain the mysterious item.
    • Make your way to Mictlantecuhtli 
    • Attack Rosa 
    • Lastly, kill 50 Lacunosus.

    Bewitchment #13: Chapter #12 – The Edge of Madness 

    • Damage any 5 buses you see around.
    • Using the Umbran Clock Tower, defeat Bayonetta in this world.
    • Finalize performance of Baal Zebul 
    • Head to the underground tunnel to defeat all the enemies.
    • As you ride Gomorrah, bring any copper you see in the air.

    Bewitchment #14: Chapter #13 – Kingdom of One 

    • From Ginnungagap, collect 25 lotuses.
    • Activate the Perfect Witch Time for 5 times as Madama Butterly.
    • Prevent from being hit by Dark Adams attacks.
    • Use Madama Butterfly’s Flutter Kiss to attack Aureole.
    • In the end, knock any enemy as you get close to Ginnungagap when it’s collapsing.

    Bewitchment #15: Chapter #14 – A Single Truth 

    • Finish the Singularity Chaos fight smoothly.
    • Use Crow Within attack as Bayo 1 on Singularity at least 5 times.
    • As Bayonetta’s story ends, use Madam as Bayo 1 for 5 as they attack the Singularity Definition.
    • As you get rid of Homunculus, you will get all the bewitchments from Bayonetta 3.

    In the end, you can get all the bewitchments. And have great progress waiting for you in-game.

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