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    Atlas Farming Guide for Beginners

    Studio Wildcard has a new survival game for its players. Atlas is another amazing survival game packed with dangerous quests and challenges. Players would encounter every danger to stay alive in this pirate world. In order to survive, you need meals and health just like in the real world. If you’re low at it, you would be able to survive in combats and satisfy your cravings. This guide is for beginners who are unaware of Atlas Farming.

    Altas Guide: Farming for Beginners

    Altas Guide: Farming for Beginners
    Altas Guide: Farming for Beginners

    Atlas has various things to do in farming. It might be difficult for beginners to understand and utilize them. So, here is the guide for you with the best recommendations. Let’s start them one by one.

    You should know the basics first. Before farming anything, you have to unlock the essentials to maintain them. You have to invest a point in Cooking. It will be shown under the Survivalism tab. As soon as you unlock the Cooking, you have to first get The Basics and Water.

    After, you can see the tab Cooking and Farming in your menu. Head over there, get to Water Storage, and then move to Basic Farming. If you have a good amount of points, you can also try Soil Tilling too. As these are unlocked, you are pretty much ready to farm crops.

    Farming Essential Resources

    Apart from water, you need other resources for your crops to grow. Like farm plots and water systems. Let’s start from this.

    Crop Seeds

    Crop Seeds
    Crop Seeds

    To grow crops in your plan, you should have their seeds first. In Atlas, it’s a very rare chance to get seeds. You have to either use curve shaped tool or a reaping hook. Or you can also use animals for it. Crops vary in appearance and growing environment. As you can’t grow Rice in the cold breeze.

    For this, you can do the work via mouse or press the E command. There are different crops you can plant like Beetroot, Chickpea, Carrot, Pepper, Cactus, Onion, Chilli, Maize, Wheat, Bean, Turnip, Rice, and Edible Greens.


    You need to fertilize your crops as it is essential for their growth. Then, you can craft fertilizer in your inventory. You can craft it by mixing feces and a pile of thatch. They will consume by plants and also needs more in the future. Make sure to make it sufficient for all your plants.

    Watering System

    If your farms are in lands with good rainfall, then you don’t have to worry about watering them. As rains will do it for you. But if the farm plots are in dried lands, you have to prepare a watering system. So, be careful about watering your crops.

    You can use the Water Reservoir. By using water pipes taking water from a nearby lake and river using Stone Water Reservoir. Or water from underground reserves. Make sure to look for the water needs of the different plants and water them accordingly. You can also change the pipe by pressing T.

    Soil Types

    Each seed needs specific soil to grow at. It depends on the soil you grow the crop or the biome you placed your plot in. Like tropical grass will grow in the tropical biome. You can grow certain soils in their specific biome. Each biome can grow many plants in it. You can know the details of each seed if you hover your cursor on it.

    How to Start Farming

    After you have selected the crop and soil to plant it, you are ready to start farming. Press hold the key and select your option to fertilize them. You can now sow the seeds of the crop in the same way. Now, you can water your plant. The water bar will display showing the status of the water about how much water is received. This is the way you can plant crops in Atlas.

    Soil Tilling

    Soil Tilling
    Soil Tilling

    Normal farming will take a long time to give your crops. So, let’s fasten things up. Above we mentioned Soil Tilling. This is what is needed here. Efficient tilling boosts the growth of the crops and gives better and faster grains.

    Soil tilling will boost the efficiency three times. One by 5% success on each tilling attempt. You can achieve a 48% growth rate by tilling soiling with a 16% boost each time. This will give better and quick results.

    You can do this by using a shovel. Head to your farmland, interact with the crop you want to boost, and view a mini-game. You have to complete that mini-game which is quite an easy task. If your completion is successful, you will get the boost you need. But if you miss any attempt, don’t worry, it would affect your progress in the game.


    For harvesting, you have to add more crops to the land. Press the Use E key and hold it to harvest the crops. The farming process will be the same but you need to till it to boost its growth.

    In the end, we have concluded all the facts for beginners to know the details. And this can also assist our expert players to increase their farming skills. If you free stuck in your games for guidance, check our guides page for expert guidance.

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