GamingRole-PlayingAsterigos: Curse of the Stars A Kind Woman Side Quest Guide

    Asterigos: Curse of the Stars A Kind Woman Side Quest Guide

    Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is another RPG game with many adventures. The game was released on 11th October 2022. And is available on Xbox, PS, and PC/Mac. It might look like another RPG souls-like game but in-game it’s different from other games. It’s filled with adventures and quests in Aphes. Here, are the guidelines for Asterigos: Curse of the Stars A Kind Woman Side Quest for you. Let’s start with the guide.

    Asterigos: Curse of the Stars A Kind Woman Quest

    Hilda has to find her lost father by going through all the adventures and challenges on her way. You as Hilda has to pass them as Greek and Roman mythology inspire them. Here this quest has an objective to complete. You need to find the Butterfly Trinket. How and where you can get it. Let’s begin with the core details.

    A Kind Woman quest is a side mission of Butterfly Comb in Asterigos: Curse for the Stars. Here, you need to collect four trinkets. All four of them need to be equipped at once as it’s will enhance your defense.

    If you’re an amateur, then let me tell you that you have to craft the trinket first. That can be done by Vulcan. She is an NPC who will craft trinkets. Now, you learned the basics. Let’s start the quest by getting straight to the location.

    How to obtain Secret Butterfly Trinket in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

    Head to the Arges Bazaar. As you reach the location, you will see a column building on your left. There will be a door behind the gallery of the building. Reach there.

    Interact with the door. And the side quest will begin. You will see a lady as you enter the building. You will have a short conversation with the lady. She will assign you a task. Your task wi be to reach her cousin. And give her the stardust. You will have to hand over the stardust to her.

    I will guide you in the right direction so you can reach to her faster. As you move out of the building, move straight ahead. Then take the first left you see in your direction. Next, take a right turn and move in that direction.

    You will see a bridge in front of you. Head over the bridge and get to the other side. You will see a shining lantern hanging on a door. This is the location of her cousin. Hand over the stardust and your task is completed.

    Butterfly Comb
    Butterfly Comb

    As an exchange, she will give you the Butterfly Comb. You have to detour the route back to her. As you reach her, you hand over the Butterfly Comb to the lady. Your mission is completed now.

    A Kind Woman Quest
    A Kind Woman Quest

    Great job! With these steps, you’ll surely complete the Asterigos: Curse of the Stars A Kind Woman Side quest. And also get the Butterfly Comb. Now, you can transport a good amount of  Salves faster with it. Follow the steps and get your comb soon. And for more guides, check the Guides page of Retrology.

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