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    Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities Guide

    Arcadegeddon being a co-op multiplayer game emphasizes blending PvE and PvP warfare. Since you’re up against both AI and human opponents in this game, quick thinking is necessary. 

    You should use the best surge skills to increase your chances of winning because you want to perform at your peak level at all times. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the most effective surge abilities in Arcadegeddon.

    We’ll examine the top surge skills for Arcadegeddon. There are many enjoyable surge powers to employ, but this beginner’s guide will assist you in selecting the finest surge abilities for each run.

    If you are a beginner and want help with tips and tricks or want a plugins guide for maximum damage do check out our guides.

    We’ll divide skills into three categories: Control, Support, and DPS in order to make things clearer and simpler to comprehend as well as for convenience.


    Freeze Blast

    Freeza Blast Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    This sends out a blast of supercooled Surge Energy freezing enemies in front of you. You can freeze all the enemies and then you can go run away and recover or kill them while they’re frozen in a group this is especially helpful because you’re controlling the arena. 

    Black Hole

    Black Hole Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    This creates a hyper-localized miniature black hole pulling nearby enemies into it and doing small amounts of damage. It is a very powerful surge ability and is fantastic if you’re running for those high scores in groups.


    Medic Pod

    Medic Pod Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    This is where you spawn a medical pod that will heal allies within its area of effect. It is just a little pink bubble but anyone standing inside it will be healed

    Shield Drone

    Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities Guide
    Shield Drone Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    This one spawns in a defensive shield drone that will boost any ally shields. It also increases the damage within the area of effect so again like the heal pods, it will create a blue dome and when a player stands inside it his shields will recover. It will also give you an over shield while increasing your damage.



    Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities Guide
    Fireball Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    Fireball is the first ability that players unlock and is already considered one of the best abilities out there in the game. You’ll launch a fireball in a straight path it goes for enemies it blows up.

    Doom Ball

    Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities Guide
    Doom Ball Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    This lets you fire an eruption of fiery Doom balls that Ricochet off of every surface. You basically throw a little football and it bounces around the arena. Players like the Doom ball because it helps you fight bosses with ease. If you’re in a group especially and there’s a couple of players running doom ball no boss will even be a problem. 

    Glitch Monster

    Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities Guide
    Glitch Monster Arcadegeddon Surge Abilities

    If you’ve been used to playing MMOs and you’re like a companion for example if you’re playing a ranger the glitch monster is fantastic for surge ability. This also helps solo players because you have a little companion that basically runs around with you when you summon it and it deals a lot of damage. The glitch monster brawler will follow you around the arena until it finds an enemy and will literally stomp on them and use abilities. It deals a lot of damage.

    That is all for this Arcadegeddon surge abilities guide. We have a detailed post for Classes in Arcadegeddon, so do check out that as well. For more beginner-friendly gaming guides, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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