TechApple announces Apple Business Essentials - bringing management, storage, and support in...

    Apple announces Apple Business Essentials – bringing management, storage, and support in one package

    Apple introduces Apple Business Essentials – A new service, available in beta. It brings setup, onboarding, backup, security, support, repairs, and updates into a complete subscription for small businesses.

    With device management, support, and storage as a priority, Apple Business makes it easier to connect all your work devices with onboarding. Managed Apple IDs to let users sign in to set up. Managed Apple IDs are not the same as personal IDs. With Managed Apple IDs, all employees can access work storage with ease.

    It also comes with a Business Essential App that employees can download work apps on their personal devices. Support Apps aid in contacting Apple support and making repair requests instead of going through the tedious task of contacting the company’s IT department.

    Additionally, Employees are assigned their individual iCloud accounts for work. This benefits in keeping backups secured and are easy to use. Backup also is automatic for all work iPhones and iPads making it a very no-hassle process.

    Apple Business Essentials protects personal data with User Enrollment. This refers to cryptographic separation to keep the employees’ work and personal data separate and their privacy protected.

    Apple gives extra attention to user ease and comfort. This strength is not overlooked in prioritizing Apple support care. AppleCare is available to users 24/7 through Apple Business Essentials, helps you in issue tracking, and provides on-site repairs in as little as 4 hours.

    Lastly, Apple Business Essentials gives users extreme ease when it comes to updating and replacing devices. Backing up on your old device you can log in to a new one and continue where you left off via signing on to iCloud.

    That is all for Apple Business Essentials. For more latest news or tech-related content, keep following Retrology.

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