AMD Boosts Ryzen 7 5800X3D With USB4 Support

    AMD is all set to boost Ryzen 7 5800X3D with performance improvements. The recent news in the tech market supports the update. It is bringing a 15 percent of improvement in performance with new USB4 support to the chipset.

    Moreover, Advanced Micro Devices is yet to put up an official announcement. However, the features list on Station Drivers is already up with all the new additions. These additions are to enhance the performance of the AM4 microprocessor socket. What’s more, is that these feature additions will also support the mobile Ryzen 6000 lineups. 

    AMD All The New Features

    Here is a list of all the new features that AMB is bringing, along with the USD4 support.

    • 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer Driver 

    The 3D V-Cache Performance Optimizer Driver leads to great performance improvements. On the upcoming Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, the driver is to bring extreme gaming performance. Moreover, it could also be set to take on the Alder Lake-S CPUs in terms of performance.  This chip is all set to launch around the 20th of April this year.

    This chip can bring in and improve performance by up to 15 percent in games, at a fine 1080P. 

    • The USB4 Support

    The AMD is also set to bring in USB4 support. The USB4 support is a connection manager driver. This new and improved feature is to support the new Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt mobile APUs along with AV1 decoding.

    The USB4 feature brings in 40Gbps of speed, thus meaning that the external GPUs will be a possibility in the near future. Moreover, a new console is possible on the Ryzen 7 6800U with the advent of this new feature. Thus, it brings in support for the external GPUs. 

    AMD put out a specifications and features announcement, showing all the drivers and thier compatibility with all the Microsoft Windows platforms. 

    Stay tuned for more updates on the new and powerful chipset with Retrology

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