All Vista Points in Horizon Forbidden West for you to find

    Horizon Forbidden West is the series continuation of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is not only a heartthrob of long-term fans but also a fan favorite of the new ones. While the story mode of the game allows you to play the story in a linear way, the open-world aspect of it allows the players to revisit locations and gather collectibles. One such task is to complete the Vista Points. In this guide, we will tell you all Horizon Forbidden West Vista Points locations.

    1. The Daunt

    The first Vista point can be found early on in the game. By scanning the base of the tower you will get the image you need to locate in order to complete the point.

    There is a bridge nearby, stand on it and walk forward until you can align the image with the view. This will complete the vista point.

    2. The Stillsands

    The Stillsands Vista can be found on the point marked on the map. when you reach the location scan the tower with your focus.

    Climb the tower opposite the tower. Look back and you will see the view that matches with the image.

    3. The Memorial Grove

    This Vista point tower is located on the yellow marker on the map. You pass through this area plenty of times. Scan the tower to grab the image you need to find.

    Head up the hill to the east of the tower. Stand on the ledge by the old satellite tower, and line up the view with the image to complete the Vista Point.

    4. The Long Coast

    The fourth Vista point is to the south of the Greenhouse. Once you are there scan the base of the tower to retrieve the image of the view you need to find. Head west towards the smaller islands away from the shore. Climb up to get a view of The Greenhouse and line up the image with the view.

    5. Shrouded Heights

    From the diving mask obtained from the main quest – “The Sea of Sands”, dive underwater. Go to the specific location in the image shown to align the image with the view.

    6. Plainsong

    To the west of Plainsong scan the tower. You will get the Vista image to find. Go further up in the ruins you will find a ledge as shown in the pictures. Line up the view between the two turbines to complete the Vista.

    7. Scalding Spear

    Head to the point on the map once you’ve scanned the tower. On the other side of Sunwigs line up the roof of the building to get to Vista Point.

    8. Dunehollow

    Head back to Dunehollow after you’re done with the story missions. After you’ve got the image from scanning the tower head back to the place you fought the Tideripper. Climb upwards to the ledge and align the image with the view to complete the Vista.

    9. Isle of Spires

    Make your way to the top of the metal structure beside the tower you interacted with to get the Vista point from. Get to the ledge and line up the image with the view.

    We hope this guide was helpful in finding and gathering all Vista points from their locations Horizon Forbidden West. For more guides, news, and gaming content in general, be sure to follow Retrology on social media and keep visiting our website.

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