All Tower of Fantasy Developer Log Locations

    There are various developer logs scattered throughout the Artificial Island in the Tower of Fantasy. Finding these logs is critical to moving through the game since they contain important resources and are the only way to access the Home System. To help you get all of them, this guide will All Tower of Fantasy Developer Log Locations on the Tower of Fantasy map.

    Developer Log Location # 1

    When you arrive on Artificial Island, you will find the first developer log. Exit the airship and make your way to the tiny tree below. The development log is on the floor, near the roots.

    Developer Log Location # 2

    After obtaining the first Dev log, descend the stairs to the blue gateway. This blue portal will lead you to a ledge deeper in the base. On the grassy ridge lies the developer log.

    Developer Log Location # 3

    Head towards the Rusty Iron camp and go up to the spaceship. Jump on top of the spaceship and there will be a third Developer log.

    Developer Log Location # 4

    When players exit the plane, they must head east in the direction of the Kerosenia Exploration site. They will discover a nearby tree as well as the fourth developer logs.

    Developer Log Location # 5

    Tower of Fantasy Developer Log

    Turn northwest of the aircraft. You will encounter a spacerift. Continue past it. On the map, there is a road intersection that connects. The Dev log will be in the center of this split/intersection.

    Developer Log Location # 6

    Tower of Fantasy Developer Log

    Towards the north, there will be a Hyena Camp. Go up the stairs and jump onto the terrace on your right. The developer log is in a wooden box on the lowest level. Break the box with a simple shot. You can pick up the log once the box is broken.

    Developer Log Location # 7

    Travel west of the Puddled Lake. there you’ll Notice three pillars. You’ll notice grey rocks to the left of the pillars as you face them. The ones closest to the lake will have an indentation facing away from it. The seventh one can be found there.

    Developer Log Location # 8

    Tower of Fantasy Developer Log

    Another enemy base can be found south of the seventh log which will have the eighth log. Simply run up the stairs on the right. The log is then positioned in the corner close to the Supply Pod II. Be careful as there are many enemies littered here.

    Developer Log Location # 9

    Tower of Fantasy Developer Log

    Head north inside the area-filled compound, north of the eight log location. You’ll ultimately come upon a blue energy barrier that prevents you from proceeding. proceed to the platform on the right. Take note of a location with little boxes. Three little boxes should be clumped together on your right. The log is located between these three boxes.

    Developer Log Location # 10

    Tower of Fantasy Developer Log

    You will find another base in the south where you will find the log under a barrel that you must take up and throw away. There are also some high-level enemies here so be careful to eliminate them before coming to this area.

    This is it for the guide explaining all the locations for the Tower of Fantasy Developer Log. For more guides related to the Tower of Fantasy, check out the Tower of Fantasy Guide section.

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