Sifu Squats Collectibles locations for you to find (Detective Story Trophy)

    Developed and published by Slopclap, Sifu is an intense combat action game. Available for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 & 5, the game was released on Feb 8, 2022. With only its single-player mode, Sifu has got a lot of praise all over the internet. Previously, we covered all Tower collectibles locations and now it’s time for Sifu Squats collectibles locations. This will unlock Detective Story Trophy.

    Without further ado, let’s jump right into the guide.

    1st collectible

    The first collectible for the Squats detective board is going to be automatically picked up at the table before you select the Squats and begin the level for the first time. You cannot miss this one at all.

    This is what the first collectible looks like.

    2nd collectible

    The second collectible is called the Skull Letter. It is inside the apartment complex before you go up the stairs. Continue heading forward to find a locked double glass door. Interact withe door to grab the note.

    This is what the 2nd collectible looks like.

    3rd collectible

    The third collectible is the avenue door. Right after you pick up the skull letter, go and interact with the door as well and this will automatically register it on the Sifu detective board as the avenue door collectible.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    4th collectible

    The 4th collectible is purple mist. Inside the apartment complex after going up the stairs and jumping over the rooftops for the first time you will land inside an apartment with a big kitchen separated by a bar. You will find the item left of the fridge. One more item will be added to your Sifu Squats collectibles list.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    5th collectible

    The fifth collectible is called bills. Right after the fight with miniboss during the encounter where they teach you how to avoid throws, you will find a pile of bills on the desk next to the couch. To the opposite side of the road just walk straight and pick up the collectible.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    6th collectible

    The next collectible is the Club Flyer. In the subsequent rooms after the miniboss fight, you will come across a large living room. There will be several enemies inside. Once you defeat all of them, look for the lit room that has a table with money on it at the center. It will be at the end of the table on the far left.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    7th collectible

    The 7th collectible is a bunch of keys. You can obtain this right after defeating the skull brothers. You need it to progress through the warehouse.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    8th collectible

    The next collectible is the metal gate. This is easy to find. Right after you defeat the skull brothers you will find yourself in a long corridor and at the end, there will be a metal gate. Go up to it and interact with it. It will be added to your detective board.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    9th collectible

    The next collectible is the purple flower. You can find this inside the warehouse, inside the hanger. The hanger will be on the top of the medium table that is near to the long table in the middle.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    10th collectible

    This collectible is called Keycard 206. You can find this as you make your way through the corridor which has an open area to the left before turning to the corner. This is right before the boss fight. The keycard is next to a few candles.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    11th collectible

    In the same room as keycard 206, there is a private room door. It will not open at first but later you will be able to open it. Interact with it and it will be added to the detective board.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    12th collectible

    The last collectible is called the Hongbao. You cannot get this until or after you have gone to the sanctuary. Interact with room 206. You will find the flowers key there which will allow you to open the private room door. The Hongbao is on the top of the table.

    This is what the collectible looks like.

    That’s all regarding Sifu Squats collectibles locations. For more of Sifu’s technical guides such as Fixing Sifu’s Crashing or Black Screen Issue and Sifu’s Low FPS issue, Stuttering, and Frame drops check out our articles at Retrology.

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