GamingRole-PlayingAll Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Locations Guide

    All Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Locations Guide

    Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, developed by Insomniac Games and Nixxes Software brings you a brilliantly action-packed story. Players play as Peter Parker, fighting crimes and saving lives across New York City. As good as it gets, right? 

    Some of the interesting activities you will come across in the game are Black Cat stakeouts. These are activities spanned out for players to engage in, consisting of finding all the Black Cat figurines/stakeouts that Black Cat has hidden around the city.

    Players might come across some trouble finding these locations but we are here to help you out in this Marvel’s Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Locations Guide.

    Black Cat Stakeout in Spider-Man

    Unlocking Black Cat Stakeouts

    The Black Cat Stakeout itself is a part of a mission called “Stakeouts” given to Peter Parker. You will be able to unlock it only after you have completed the mission “Home Sweet Home”.

    It looks like Black Cat is back in town and she’s leaving mysterious clues around for Spider-Man. Each of these stakeout locations will have a camera installed on a rooftop. You will be able to get your hands on the stakeouts somewhere around this. 

    Finding all the stakeouts and tracking down Black Cat’s lair will unlock another side mission for you i.e. “Cat’s Cradle” which rewards players with the Dark Suit.

    Completing The Stakeouts

    You will have to find a total of 12 Black Cats in Spider-Man Remastered. You will be led to the first one as part of the mission so that’s pretty easy. 

    You will find yourself at a building where you’ll have to take out your camera and find the figurine. To use the Camera, press “triangle”. To zoom in and out, press R2 and L2 respectively. Your controller will also vibrate as the lens of the camera approaches the black cat. 

    It is very likely that you will find graffiti around the figurine location. So watch out for those! Once you have reached Black Cat, press R1 and take a picture. This will complete your stakeout. 

    After collecting all the figurines, you will have to find Black Cat’s hideout. The location will pop up on your map. Follow the map that will lead you to graffiti of a dog next to a cat. Open the door next to it and walk in. In the end, you will have to interact with Black Cat’s suit which will complete the quest. 



    As you have successfully gained your first figurine, you will come across the second one at a slightly opened doorway on the roof of a building with Black Cat graffiti on it. You will find this in West of Harlem.

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Harlem

    Upper East Side

    This is another important location. Move your camera down and zoom into the eastern side of the building with the blue dome. You will again find graffiti of Black Cat and one of her felines hiding in a door. 

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Upper East Side

    Upper West Side

    Look upwards, and zoom in to the North side on the rooftop of the building with the pool. You will see a black cat poking its head out of a skylight and a familiar graffiti. 

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Upper West Side

    Hell’s Kitchen

    You will not find only one but two stakeout locations here. The first one is inside a vent of a building that has graffiti of a winged pig imprinted on it.

    You will come across the second location in the display window of the Valeria Store down the street.

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Hell's Kitchen


    This place too harbors two stakeout locations. To find the first location, move your camera all the way down and zoom in on the roof with the water tower on it. You will find the figurine in the doorway next to some graffiti. 

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Midtown

    For the second location, swing your camera to the southwest and zoom in on the white building with a patio and a rooftop garden. The figurine will be next to another graffiti. 


    You will find the stakeout location if you move your camera to the west in the doorway of a bar on the roof.

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Greenwich

    China Town

    You will come across this stakeout location beneath the glass rooftop shed near another random graffiti.

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout China Town

    Financial District

    The two locations here are not hard to find. You can come across the first one if you pan your camera to the right and zoom in just below a billboard with Black Cat’s face on it.

    Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Financial District

    To get a hold of the second one and probably the last one, zoom down to your right. On a building with a blue roof, you’ll find the figurine next to the graffiti.

    These are all the Black Cat stakeout locations you should know to complete the quest. For more similar guides, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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