GamingAll Slitherfang Locations from Horizon Forbidden West

    All Slitherfang Locations from Horizon Forbidden West

    The heat from the desert and machine monsters cannot stop you in Horizon Forbidden West. This action-adventure game is perfect fun for players who wish to explore the world in-game. And there will be unwanted visitors and many combat encounters with them. Slitherfang is one of the mechanical monsters that you will face. My guide to All Slitherfang Locations from the Horizon Forbidden West will help you find them and defeat them as well.

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    Horizon Forbidden West: Slitherfang

    Slitherfang is one of those machine monsters that you’ll face in-game while you’re exploring the in-game world. But what makes it more dangerous than other monsters? If you’re one of those asking the same questions then come along. I’ll help you understand what it is. And what to do when you confront it.

    Slitherfang is like an anaconda with a large range of weapons and attacks under its name. It s very fast and quick while attacking. And it has a long reach to approach its enemy. The worst part is it has spit acid at you. And change its attack strategy once its HP gets low. It has Charge attacks and Tail Shock attacks as well. But it has a weak spot for Fire, Frost, and Plasma. Now let’s get to know the place where it’s mainly found.

    Slitherfang Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    Location #1: Stillsands

    Location #1: Stillsands
    Location #1: Stillsands

    They are mainly found in two places. The first place is in the desert close to some broken woods and towers. This location will be on the northwest side of the Stillsands. Here it will be wandering around freely. The best way to bring it down is to use a spear at it. It might take longer but you can use all your weapons and arms on it. But remember to focus on its Data Nexus.

    Location #2: Southern Part of the map

    Location #2: Southern Part of the map
    Location #2: Southern Part of the map

    This location will be on the southern part of the in-game map. You can locate it north of some partially ruined stone towers. Again, use all your powers to get them down.

    But it’s not just about survival and attacks in combat encounters. Here, it’s a matter of loot or after-war claims. For those loot rewards, you got to get it killed.

    Rewards to claim after defeating Slitherfang

    This long list is for you if you are able to ill the machine enemy.

    • Metalbite
    • Braided Wire
    • Slitherfang Circulator
    • Crystal Braiding
    • Slitherfang Earthgrinder
    • Sparker
    • Metal Shards
    • Metal Bone
    • Sturdy Hardplate
    • Glowblast
    • Luminous Brainstem
    • Volatile Sludge
    • Machine Muscle
    • Large Machine Core
    • Slitherfang Primary Nerve
    • Purgewater Canister
    • Useable Weapon

    Many resources from the list are bootable after the killing of Slitherfang. So claim it as your reward. And keep your stock fill up in the game. These two Slighterfang Locations are the exact location for your search on the map. And hun them down to death. And if still you get stuck in any part of the game, then check the Guides section from Retrology.

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