All Safe Codes & Passwords in Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

    Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong will allow you to play as 3 vampires. You must wield their powers wisely, and strike the right balance between your human and animal side in this thrilling story in which your choices will decide the fate of Boston Camarilla. Developed by Big Bad Wolf and published by Nacon, the game was released on Epic Games for $34.99 on 19 March 2022. Today we’ll tell you all the passwords for Swansong.

    The narrative RPG puts you right in the middle of the dark world full of alluring monsters. This guide will provide all the safe codes and passwords but it does not describe how to find the certain safes or password locations. You can find the guide to fixing the low FPS Issues for Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong.

    Scene 1: Prince’s Quarters

    Archives Safe: 9138
    Jara Drory’s PC: 1841
    Kaius Leto’s PC: 4965

    Scene 2: Moore’s Apartment

    Moore’s Safe: 040911
    Mirror Phone: 78728432
    Jason’s Phone: See the image below:

    Scene 3: Loft

    Kitchen Briefcase: 6159

    Scene 6: Long Island

    Kim’s Safe: 423
    Henry’s Locker: 1492
    Book Request: 8070

    Scene 8: Anarch Domain

    Boat PC: 3764
    Boat Laptop: 1234
    Boat Phone: 1969
    Arrow Posters: See the image below:

    Rafa’s Phone: 05161991
    Door After Confronting Rafa: 568974

    Scene 9, Part 1: Sad Base

    Prison PC: 822614

    Scene 9, Part 2: Sad Base

    Implant PC: 964512243

    Scene 10, Part 1: Sad Base

    Docks PC: 539861
    Halsey’s File Number: 198124188

    Scene 10, Part 3: Sad Base

    Incinerator Chamber: 260296

    Scene 11, Part 1: Sad Base

    Gate: 0158

    Scene 11, Part 2: Sad Base

    Director’s Safe: 050211

    Scene 11, Part 3: Sad Base

    Main Server: 09092015

    We hope this guide was helpful for you when you’re going through the game now that you have all the passwords for Swansong. Keep following Retrology for more guides and gaming content and stay updated with all the latest news.

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