GamingPlatformAll Ritual Site Collectibles in Hell Pie

    All Ritual Site Collectibles in Hell Pie

    A demon’s game would be the best word to describe the Sluggerfly’s Hell pie. Satan’s birthday is close and you as the player have to be Nate; who is going to be collecting all the weird ingredients for it. Here are all the Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie you need to collect.

    All Ritual Site Collectibles in Hell pie

    The story of this satanic game is that as the demon of bad taste, Nate has to pick the disgusting ingredients for the perfect birthday cake. This 3D game gives a real experience of Satan’s birthday party. Nate and his pet Nugget as a guide.

    He can be used as a guide to finding collectibles. And also as a weapon for weird opponents. You will have to face ugly enemies, weird characters, and much filthy stuff. The ritual site is filled with many giant trees and many houses on them.

    There are 16 collectibles in total with four lucky cats, nine candymeat, two unilambs, and one last ingredient. Here are all Ritual Site collectibles in Hell Pie.

    Lucky Cat 1/4

    #1 Lucky Cat 1/4

    As you enter the stage, you will see a giant tree on your back. Turn on your right to climb on the tree with the help of Nugget. there will be many mushroom-like platforms on the tree. Keep climbing till you see the wooden plank area with a bending lamp.

    Once you reach the wooden plank, try to reach the top of the plank. You will see the first lucky cat.

    Candymeat 1/9

    #2 Candymeat 1/9

    After you get the lucky cat, you can get back. Move down to the wooden plank and straight to the bridge. Grab your collectible.

    Candymeat 2/9 + 2 Crystals

    #3 Candymeat 2/9 + 2 Crystals

    After you move to the bridge, you have to pass a few more obstacles with Nugget and get to the moving stone. The moving stone will take you close to the next wooden plank on the tree.

    You can see the two crystals on the top of the tree next. Jump there with Nugget. Once you reach the next tree and try to reach the top. There you will get the next candyman. And smash the 2 crystals to get them.

    Lucky Cat 2/4

    #4 Lucky Cat 2/4

    Move down and jump to the platform next to it. There will be the security you need to pass. You can pass it by going through the bushes. Move back to them to get the second lucky cat.

    Candymeat 3/9

    #5 Candymeat 3/9

    Head to the wooden plant with a huge pink flower. Climb on its stem to reach its top and you will see the third candymeat.

    The Big Crystal

    #6 The Big Crystal

    The big crystal is on the top of the bridge connecting two trees. You can see it. Jump up there and grab it.

    The Unilamb 1/2 + Big Crystal

    #7 The Unilamb 1/2 + Big Crystal

    Move to the next tree beside it and find the big crystal on the bridge. You will see the first unilamb there.

    Candyman 4/9

    #8 Candyman 4/9

    There are many trees nearby. Next, you will see a flying bug holding the Candymeat. You have to fight it to get the fourth candymeat.

    Unilamb 2/2 + Big Crystal

    #9 Unilamb 2/2 + Big Crystal

    Next head back to the huge tree. Reach the top using the big crystal on its plank. You will get the second and last unilamb there.

    Lucky Cat 3/4

    #10 Lucky Cat 3/4

    Move back to the checkpoint and you will see the three boxes on the wooden plank. In front of those boxes, you will see the third lucky cat.

    Candymeat 5/9 + 2 Big Crystals

    #11 Candymeat 5/9 + 2 Big Crystals

    For the next candymeat, move to the wooden plank where you found the third lucky cat.

    Candymeat 6/9

    #12 Candymeat 6

    You will see the sixth candymeat being handled by a flying bug. It will move between two pufferfish balloons. You can get her with the help of Nugget.

    Lucky Cat 4/4

    Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie
    #13 Lucky Cat 4/4

    After you get the sixth Candyman, the fourth and last lucky cat is to be found. Move to the spiral wooden plank and see the security staff there. Behind them, you will get the last lucky cat.

    Candymeat 7/9

    Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie
    #14 Candymeat 7

    You will see the floating pufferfish. On the top of the platform, you can see it from the pufferfish and head there. Now, move to grab it from there.

    Candymeat 8/9

    Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie
    #15 Candymeat 8

    Head towards NPC Kiln Deg and move to the top of the mushroom platform. You will get the eighth candymeat on top of it.

    Candymeat 9/9

    Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie
    #16 Candymeat 9

    Reach the final checkpoint. And you will see a flying bug there. The flying bug will be holding the last candymeat. Get it and you’re done.

    The Ingredient

    Ritual Site Collectibles Hell Pie
    The Ingredient

    The ingredient is The Virgin blood. You can get it by offering a sacrifice and the blood from it you have to collect from the ritual altar.

    In the end, you will get all the hell pie ritual site collectibles. After all the struggles and problems you confronted, you deserved the last ingredient and get to make the perfect birthday cake. Now, you can enjoy the party. And for more news of Hell Pie, check out our news and guide pages.

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