GamingRole-PlayingAll North Vern Monsters Locations in Lost Ark

    All North Vern Monsters Locations in Lost Ark

    Lost Ark is an isometric 2.5D fantasy action role-playing video game developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. The game was released on 11th February 2022 in Europe and North America. Lost Ark was initially released in Korea in 2019 and it won various awards in different categories. The main focus of the game is PvE and exploration. The game is only available for Microsoft Windows as of the moment and is developed using Unreal Engine 3. In this guide, we will tell you about the North Vern Monsters Locations in Lost Ark.

    1) Parna Forest –  Zealous Troll Combatant

    Go to Parna Forest as shown in the map above. The troll combatant will make a jump and attack you. The other troll combatant will also try to harm you from the side. With one attack you will be able to defeat them both and move on to the next location.

    2) Parna Forest –  Wanted Wicked Adventurer

    Go to Parna Forest as shown on the map. The Wicked Adventurer will land one attack on you. Land a heavy blow on him and that is how you will defeat him.

    3) Parna Forest –  Old Dryad

    The next monster you will encounter in Parna Forest is the Old Dryad. If you are skilled, one tough blow will be enough to defeat the Old Dryads.

    4) Parna Forest –  Sharp-Eyed Tail Slime

    Next, you will come across the Sharp-Eyed Tail Slime in Parna Forest. Butcher the tail slime with your sword in one single blow.

    5) Fesnar Highland Escape Bandit Warhorse

    Go to Fesnar Highland as shown in the above map to hunt another one of the North Vern monsters. Here you will encounter the Escaped Bandit Warhorse. At once attack it with your sword and the warhorse will fall on the ground.

    6) Fesnar Highland Broken Skeleton Knight

    The next monster you will encounter in Fesnar Highland is the Broken Skeleton Knight. When you will defeat the Broken Skeleton Knight they will fall off the cliff on the right.

    7) Fesnar Highland Necromancer of Darkness

    The Necromancer of Darkness will land a circular blow on you. Go ahead and unleash an attack on him to defeat him.

    8) Vernese Forest Lead Forest Leopard

    The next location is Vernese Forest on the map. Here you will come across the Lead Forest Leopard. The leopard will attack you with its claw and inflict about 71 damage. Go ahead and defeat it with your sword.

    9) Vernese Forest Lead Forest Boar

    The next monster you will encounter in Vernese Forest is the Lead Forest Boar. It is relatively a little harder to defeat it as it will inflict a lot of damage on you. However, with one single blow at the end, you will be able to kill it.

    10) Vernese Forest Lead Shield Horn Reindeer

    Now you will come across the Lead Shield Horn Reindeer in Vernese. It is fairly easier to defeat the Lead Shield Horn Reindeer. It will not inflict any damage on you and you can defeat it with one single attack.

    11) Vernese Forest Zealous Leapord Hunter

    The last monster in Vernese Forest is the Zealous Leopard Hunter. They will attack and inflict damage. However, after this land two blows and you will be able to defeat them.

    12) Balankar Mountains Empowered Battle Necromancer

    Go to the Balankar mountains as shown on the map. Here you will find the Empowered Battle Necromancer. It is relatively very easy to defeat him as you just have to land one single blow.

    13) Balankar Mountains Malignant Mutant Boss

    The next monster you will come across in the Balankar Mountains is the Malignant Mutant Boss. The Malignant Mutant Boss will inflict minor damage on you but with a strong attack, you will be able to defeat him as well.

    14) Balankar Mountains Mighty Morgue

    The last and final monster in Balankar mountains is the Mighty Morgue. The most huge monster until now is this one. He will inflict about 100 damage with an attack but using your sword slice through him and that should kill him.

    This is all on the North Vern Monsters in Lost Ark. We cover a lot of guides and fixes so be sure to check those out. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

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