All Namita Shrine Collectibles in Ghostwire Tokyo

    If you’re looking to find all the collectibles in Namita Shrine, look no further. We have compiled all the collectibles in this guide including Jizo statues, landmark locations, Magatama location, Relics, and Voice Log.

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    1- Jizo Statue 1/3

    This one is right over the road from the Shiroyama Shrine entrance. In order o proceed, go to the very southern limit of the Namita Shrine zone. This statue can be found on the pavement, at the end of the short lane that intersects the street market just opposite the shrine’s entrance, under a pleasantly illuminating lantern.

    2- Jizo Statue 2/3

    Furthermore, go to the main street through the northern boundary. This monument stands in its own chapel on the sidewalk.

    3- Jizo Statue 3/3

    This statue is tucked away behind a stack of boxes on the outskirts of a building site. You can acquire it by following the road south of the Yugenzaka Junction marker.

    4- Landmark 1/1 – Tsukinami Restricted Area

    Moreover, the Yugenzaka Junction landmark is located immediately west of the Namita Shrine on the map’s western side.

    5- Magatama 1/1 – Zashiki-warashi

    During the “Zashiki-warashi” Side Mission, you will meet Zashiki-warashi (unlocked after cleansing Namita Shrine).

    Zashiki-warashi requires you to enter a building and make an offering of Shio Senbei at the right position.

    6- Missing Tanuki 1/1

    Go to Namita shrine and grapple onto an adjacent roof with the Tengu to the west. Moreover, you can find Tanuki camouflaged as a Tanuki statue to the east. If you’re having problems finding it, a cat nearby will alert you of the presence of a Tanuki on a neighboring roof.

    7- Relic 1/5 – Cursed Videotape

    The next relic is located in a dead-end alleyway to the northwest of the Namita Shrine area. Head across from the neon blue-signed “Umbaal” hair and beauty salon. Head west from the Bathhouse if you are lost and look around the alleyways across from this road to find it.

    8- Relic 2/5 – Model Supercar

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    The Volunteer Office is where you’ll find the next relic. You can enter the building only as part of the “Deep Cleaning” side task, which is available after the Namita Shrine is cleansed.

    9- Relic 3/5 – Kendama

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    This relic can be found on the Namita Shrine’s southern outskirts. It’s at the house you’ll visit as part of the Zashiki-Warashi side quest. Enter the room with the storage cabinets through the sliding doors. Inside the right-hand closet lies the Kendama Relic.

    10- Relic 4/5 – Kite

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    Using a Tengu grappling point, climb to Namita Shrine. From there descend the east side of the buildings to find the kite Relic hidden under a satellite dish.

    11- Relic 5/5 – Randoseru

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    As part of the “The Crimson Moon” side mission, you’ll arrive on this rooftop. To find this red bag Relic, use a Tengu to begin your ascent and explore the northwestern corners of the building as you ascend. You’ve gone too far if you come across another Tengu on your way to the top.

    12- Voice Log 1/3 – Have you Seen Any Visitors?

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    This Voice log is located south of the previous Voice log, in a phone booth outside of KK’s apartment.

    13- Voice Log 2/3 – File 088

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    You can find this laptop Voice log towards the edge of the left-hand side of the Namita Shrine.

    14- Voice Log 3/3 – On the Use of Meika

    Namita Shrine collectibles

    This Voice log is found near some vending machines and the “Cold and Scone’s” shop in the Namit Shrine area, in a phone booth.

    Thus with that, you have completed all the fourteen Namita Shrine collectibles.

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