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    If you’re seeking details on all Eyeball Locations in Tearer’s Somnium from the video game AI: THE SOMNIUM – nirvanA Initiative, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain where to look for each of the five eyeballs in this guide.

    All Eyeball Locations in Tearer’s Somnium

    The eyeballs in Tearer’s Somnium are hidden all over the room. Multiple of them are behind puzzles.

    Eyeball Location 1

    The first eyeball location is on the floor with the sphere hovering over the ground the eyeball is located in the corner beside a television.

    Eyeball location 2

    The second eyeball can be found upstairs. Take the stairs to the second floor of the building. You will find the eyeball inside a bookshelf.

    Eyeball Location 3

    To get the puzzles started make your way to the sphere on the bottom floor. Examine it and then go back to the computer and press enter. 

    You will be teleported to a new room. You can find the eyeball hidden in the corner of the room. It will be visible when you approach it.

    Eyeball Location 4

    To get out of the room you need to solve a puzzle. Pick up the paper off the floor. Input “215” into the door you just entered the room from.

    How the puzzle is solved:

    First, use the paper you picked up off the ground to answer the symbols on the wall, such as N+A = 3+6 = 9. After you have figured out every wall symbol, you must proceed to the lockers and enter a password.

    By comparing the symbols on the locker door to those on the wall and from the body in the middle of the room, it is possible to determine the code. The symbols and numbers on the wall must also be turned such that they match those on the locker doors. If you accomplish this correctly, the number will appear to be a letter. To open the lockers and reveal the numbers within, enter the letters. Now arrange the locker numbers according to the hues of the doors, such BLUE locker, GREEN lockers, and lastly YELLOW locker equal 215 lockers.

    When you return to the main area, look at the sphere once more to activate the computer that is up the stairs to your right. Put your hands on the keyboard and press Enter.

    Once you interact with the computer you will be teleported to a new room. Here you will find a couple of fake walls from which you can walk through. In the corner of the room behind the fake walls, you will find the fourth eyeball.

    Eyeball Location 5

    In the next room, you can open the exit door with code 229.

    How the puzzle is solved:

    You should first circle the room to remove as many of the fake walls as possible. Now take a look through one of the shapes while standing at a pole. You should be staring at a painting through the shape if the appropriate walls are transparent. Just focus on the colors in the artwork that corresponds to the shape. You should be given a number for each picture.

    When you are back in the main area, interact with the sphere once more before going to the PC behind it and pressing the Enter key to go to the next room.

    Interacting with the computer will take you to a new room where you can find the fifth and last eyeball stuck to the ceiling in one of the corners of the room.

    That is all for this AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative guide to finding all eyeballs. Check out our other guides on AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES.

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