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    All Eyeball Locations In Iris’s Somnium in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

    The Somnium Files is an intriguing adventure game that essentially unfolds like a manga but in the game, you are in charge of the characters and making their decisions. Before you can initiate any cutscenes, you will be moving your character around in different locations and generally exploring the world. We’ll explain where to look for each of the five eyeball locations in Iris’s Somnium in this guide to AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative.

    The game’s inclusion of a number of mysteries is yet another intriguing feature. The eyeballs are a collectible item that you can stumble across while playing the game. They even serve as game currency even though they don’t contain any blood or other gore. 

    The game contains a variety of eyeballs spread out in various regions. We’ll be discussing the eyes in Iris’s Somnium in this guide.

    Iris Route

    The Iris Route is a subplot of the narrative that focuses on Iris Sagan’s apparent murder and resurrected state, as well as the deaths of Shoko Nadami and Renju Okiura. Additionally, Iris Sagan, her affiliation with the Secret Society NAIXATLOZ, and her friendship with Kaname Date are given a lot of attention.

    Along with Iris’s Somnium we have also covered the locations of eyeballs in Kizuna’s Somnium, Tokiko’s Somnium, Komeji’s Somnium, Shoma’s Somnium, Chikara’s Somnium, and Amame’s Somnium eyeball locations. So without further ado let’s get started with the guide.

    NirvanA Initiative Eyeball Locations In Iris’s Somnium

    Eyeball Location # 1

    Eyeball Location 1 Iris's Somnium

    In the first section, make your way to the lake. Walk up to the bridge. Close to the small bridge where the lake is you will find the first eyeball.

    Eyeball Location # 2

    Eyeball Locations 2 Iris's Somnium

    Walk away from the lake towards the wall. Follow the wall up to a gate. At the back of the structure, close to a wooden door. Three Kusemon are required to first break the stone lanterns. Then you can retrieve the eyeball

    Eyeball Location # 3

    Eyeball Locations 3 Iris's Somnium

    For the third Eyeball, you need to do a lot of walking. Make your way to the exterior hall. To reach the eye at the end of an exterior hall, take the little step to the left of the building’s main entrance, then circle around to the left of the building following the walkway that runs up against the building. You will find the eyeball at the end of the corridor.

    Eyeball Location # 4

    Eyeball Locations 4 Iris's Somnium

    The next eyeball is indoors. When you go inside, turn left and open the door (Opening the door requires a silver kusemon in your team). Find the eyeball by opening the door that is decorated with a picture of Kahami.

    To retrieve it you will need Kagami in your team.

    Eyeball Location # 5

    Eyeball Locations 5 Iris's Somnium

    Following the True Master battle, go into the room. There you will find the last eyeball.

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