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    All Eyeball Locations In Gen’s Somnium – AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

    AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is a game based on a murder mystery that is solved in a very unusual manner. As the investigation is separated by 6 years, both present and future contact each other through their AI eyes and try to figure out the mystery.

    Apart from solving a murder, there is a minor task of collecting eyeballs and here we will help you find them as they can be sneakily hiding out of plain sight. Here is a guide for all eyeball locations in Gen’s Somnium.

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    What is Gen’s Somnium?

    Gen Ishiyagane is a cook who both past and present is played by himself. We don’t know anything about him other than the fact that he runs a restaurant and enjoys cooking. This is the reason why we have to cook and rummage through his kitchen in this chapter.

    This location is surveyed by Aiba. She is the counter character for Mizuki Okiura 6 years in the future. She is an AI which aids her in the investigation.

    All Eyeball locations in Gen’s Somnium

    Eyeball # 1

    Go towards the inside portion of the kitchen. Look towards the bottom shelf by the corner. There, behind the bar would be the first eyeball.

    Location of Eyeball # 1, behind the bar
    Location of Eyeball # 1, behind the bar

    Eyeball # 2 – 4

    The next three eyeballs can be collected automatically. After doing the QTEs and winning the cooking contest, you will get these eyeballs one by one as the results are being announced.

    Eyeball Locations In Gen's Somnium
    Eyeball Location In Gen’s Somnium

    Eyeball # 5

    After the contest, run towards the left corner of the ground on your side and there would be the last eyeball sitting there.

    Location of Eyeball # 5
    Location of Eyeball # 5

    Here you go, all Eyeball Locations In Gen’s Somnium are covered. Compared to other somnium, this one was the easiest as three out of five eyeballs are just handed to you during the contest. Yes, you have to win it but it’s like killing two birds with one stone; win the contest and get the eyeballs.

    Anyway, we’ve also covered many other somniums and you are welcome to select the one you are looking for:

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