GamingFirst-Person ShooterAll Darkness Rifts Locations in Destiny 2

    All Darkness Rifts Locations in Destiny 2

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is a first-person shooter video game by Bungie. To fully explore Sacathun’s Throne World you need to find all the Darkness Rifts. To help you save time from scouring the map yourself we have made a guide to all the Darkness Rifts locations in Destiny 2.

    Although you should know in order to destroy the rifts you need the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher buff active.

    Darkness Rift 1 – Quagmire

    Go to the Florescent Canal entrance from the Quagmire. Turn right at the gate. Head inside, and you’ll see the darkness rift above you near the roof.

    Darkness Rift 2 – Fluorescent Canal

    Go to Fluorescent Canal. You can reach there through Quagmire Entrance. At the Canal just before you get to the centre staircase you will see spires hanging up from the cliff. The centre one is the one you have to shoot with the darkness rift hidden behind it.

    Darkness Rift 3 – Court of Thorns

    Darkness Rifts locations Destiny 2

    For the next Darkness Rift go to Wellspring Activity. Spot the black pillar making your way through the activity. On top of the right pillar, you will see the rift.

    Darkness Rift 4 – Sepulchre Lost Sector

    The fourth Darkness Rift can be found on the left of a chest in the corner of the room, at the Sepulchre lost sector.

    Darkness Rift 5 – Queen’s Bailey

    At Queen’s Bailey, to the left of a raised platform. You can get there by using the stairs past the garden. You will find the Darkness Rift floating in the sky.

    Darkness Rift 6 – Miasma

    Go to the Miasma temple entrance. Make your way to its courtyard. Once inside walk to the right side beside a large cube, you will find the Darkness Rift hovering on the ground.

    Darkness Rift 7 – Metamorphosis

    Darkness Rifts locations Destiny 2

    Go to Miasma and head to the Metamorphosis lost sector. The Darkness Rift has to be shot when you take the life that takes you back to the entrance. If you miss it while flying you will have to go all the way back to the end of the sector to try again.

    Darkness Rift 8 – Extraction

    Darkness Rifts locations Destiny 2

    For the eighth Darkness Rift go to the Extraction Lost Sector in the Quagmire zone. The Darkness Rift is above the doorframe of the door in which you will find the chest.

    Darkness Rift 9 – Temple of the Cunning

    From Temple of the Cunning to Quagmire travel until you reach the bridge going to the temple. Get on the bridge and towards the rocks that go forward and create a platform. The Darkness Rift is on a higher platform above a deep sight point.

    Darkness Rift 10 – Altar of Reflection

    Darkness Rifts locations Destiny 2

    Go to the Altar of Reflection activity for the last Darkness Rift. At the altar, you will find the final Rift floating in between two pillars

    That is all for our guide for Darkness Rifts locations Destiny 2. For more gaming guides start following Retrology.

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