All Cave of Sin Mokoko Seeds Locations In Lost Ark

    The Cave of Sin is a location in Feiton continent in Lost Ark. Just like Tortoyk and Arthetine, you will find plenty of monsters in the areas near the Mokoko seeds. Unlike Blackrose Basement the seeds in the Cave of Sin are not so easy to find. But worry not as we have created a guide that will help you in finding all the Cave of Sin Mokoko seeds locations in Lost Ark.

    You can get to the Cave of Sin in the Feiton continent in the game. The location of the place is marked on the map.

    Cave of Sin Mokoko seed location Lost Ark

    Mokoko Seed – 1

    The first Mokoko seed is south of the Vertical Cave. The exact location is marked on the map. To get to the seed you need to get past the bridge and after crossing it go immediately to the south of where the bridge ends to find the seed.

    Mokoko Seed – 2

    The second seed is southwest of the Vertical Cave. At the blue arrow on the map, there is a giant bush covering the entrance to a hidden room where the seed is. Destroy the bush to get to the seed.

    Mokoko Seed – 3

    The third seed is again in the southern vicinity of the Vertical Cave. Simply use the jumping area on the ground and leap to the area where you can find the seed on the ground.

    Mokoko Seed – 4 & 5

    Cave of Sin Mokoko seed location Lost Ark

    The fourth and fifth seeds are both in the same room in the middle of the City Entrance. Here again, there is a room hidden behind a large bush. Once you destroy the bush there will be an enemy behind it guarding the two Mokoko seeds. After you’ve defeated the enemy you can find the fifth Mokoko seed at the base of a fallen pillar and the sixth one at the end of the table on the opposite end of the room.

    Mokoko Seed – 6

    At the City Center on the location marked on the map, you will find the sixth Mokoko seed location at the entrance of a room.

    Mokoko Seed – 7

    The seventh seed is located immediately after the jump from the blue arrows starting from the City Center on the map. At the edge of the zipline, you will find the Mokoko seed on the ground.

    Mokoko Seed – 8 & 9

    The eighth and ninth Mokoko Seeds are located before the Lower City on the map. To get to them you need to get to the blue arrow on the map. A giant bush is covering both the jumping location and the Mokoko seed. Destroying the bush will help you collect the seed.

    Mokoko Seed – 10

    The last Mokoko seed is at the island before the Red Moon Shard. After defeating the surrounding enemies in the area you will be able to get to the seed.

    Hope we were helpful in getting you to all Cave of Sin Mokoko seeds locations in Lost Ark. For more Lost Ark location guides, monsters, and collectible locations, keep following Retrology.

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