GamingRole-PlayingAll Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

    All Blackrose Basement Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

    While exploring East Luterra, you’re bound to come across Blackrose Basement. The dungeon is crawling with heretics. In Lost Ark, one of the objectives in the Blackrose basement is to collect all the Mokoko seeds. While East Luterra is all fun to explore. You may also find yourself fighting monsters in Tortoyk or Arthetine. Knowing the locations for enemies or for materials is important and that’s why we’re here to help. In this guide, we cover all the locations of the seeds as well as how to get to those which are behind locked doors.

    Blackrose Basement

    While visiting the East Luterra continent inside the Blackrose Chappel area, On the left side of the map you will find a dungeon called the Blackrose Basement. Before you will be able to access it you do need to complete a prior quest called The Summoning of Madness. Once you’ve opened the map you will find out that you will need to find eight Mokoko Seeds.

    You can complete the dungeon and collect all the seeds by doing two things: Not killing any civilians and killing all the heretics.

    Mokoko Seed – 1

    At the start of the Blackrose basement, the first seed is located on the top right side inside a dead-end at the entrance. There you will find two office tables. Slightly to the left from the frontal chair on the ground, you will find the first Mokoko seed.

    Mokoko Seed – 2

    After completing several dungeon objectives you will be presented with a cutscene. Proceed further and immediately turn to the left where you will face several enemies. Only kill the hooded enemies, and do not kill the Heretic Devotees without the hood. It is important you don’t do that to collect all the Mokoko seeds. After you’ve defeated the three heretic elders you will trigger a cutscene that will show you the next boss. After the cutscene ends and there are no enemies near you, you can collect the Mokoko seed on the floor near the books.

    Mokoko Seed – 3, 4, 5

    While exploring more of the dungeon you will be prompted with the objective of Rescuing Villagers where you have to defeat 38 heretics torturing villagers. Only when you’re able to kill all the heretics without killing any of the villagers you will be able to enter the cage where on the top right corner under the torch you will find the third Mokoko seed. The fourth one can be found slightly to the left and the fifth one is in the bottom left of the same room.

    Mokoko Seed – 6, 7

    You will be prompted with a new salvation objective. In order to complete the salvation objective of defeating the heretics blocking the path. You have to go around the wall building and search for and defeat the fourteen heretics outside the Heretic Ritual Room. When you’ve successfully found and killed them all, a cage door will lift up on top of the objective area. If the door is still shut go back and look for heretics to kill. When done in the middle room you will find the sixth Mokoko seed in the middle of the room. The seventh one is slighted to the left closer to the wall.

    Mokoko Seed – 8

    For the last Mokoko seed, you need to reach the final ritual area. where instead of going down to defeat the enemies you have to go to the bottom right. Follow this pathway to the end. In the upper right-left corner you will find the eighth and last Mokoko seed.

    We hope this Lost Ark guide was helpful in finding all the Mokoko seeds in the Blackrose basement. For more Lost Ark content check our site Retrology where we add more guides every day.

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