All Black Box Locations in Horizon Forbidden West (Wings of the Ten Weapon)

    Horizon Forbidden West is a second game to the Horizon series. With new quests, improved gameplay, and better weapons it’s quickly becoming a hit even among the new players. There are plenty of collectibles you can find in the game and some of them are even redeemable to get various weapons. One such collectible is the black box. Collecting 12 of these will get you a weapon – Wings of The Ten, as a reward. In this guide, we will help you get to all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West to unlock the Wing of the Ten weapon.

    Built around a dystopian machine-dominated society, knowing which ones of the machines are beneficial for you and which ones aren’t can be the difference between a good and bad gaming experience. The Tallnecks, for instance, open up new areas along with the map, and it’s extremely beneficial to know their locations to override them timely.

    1. The Promontory

    To get the Black box in The Promontory, you need to fix a damaged mount by using a power cell in from a rummage nearby. Once you’ve repaired the mount you can open the door. Inside the room, there will be vines covering the path to the black box. Use the vine cutter obtained in the main quest “Seeds Of The Past” to install the vine cuter module and clear the path to the collectible.

    2. Bleeding Mark

    A little left to the location of the black box marked on the map you will find a wreck. Explore it to get to a door that needs to be pried open and the black box is sitting on the floor when you enter the room.

    3. The Stillsands

    Like the black box in Promontory, the one in Stillsands is also behind a vine barrier. On the location marked on the map use the vine cuter to get rid of the barrier. Go further into the room behind a crate you will find the third black box.

    4. The Memorial Grove

    At memorial Grove, beside the river, you will find a crashed plane. Make your way to the pilot’s chamber to get the black box.

    5. Bonewhite Tear

    At Bonewhite Tear, the black box is behind a locked door. The door can be opened by retrieving a power cell from a nearby camp and bringing it back to it.

    6. The Raintrace

    At the location of the black box in Raintrace, locate the crashed wreck. The plane wreck is divided into two portions. One will have the unlocked door which needs an energy cell to power up. The other will be opposite the first with the energy cell behind a vine barrier. Destroy the mechanism holding up the barrier with the vine cutter module. Fetch the cell to the door to power up and open it. The black box is behind the door.

    7. Sand of the Sentinels

    The way to the seventh black box is easy. Locate the wreck of the airplane. Inside it, you will find the black box.

    8. Isle of Spires

    On progression to the main quest “Faro’s Tomb,” you will come across this black box on the way.

    9. No Man’s Land

    all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    In No Man’s Land on the location marked on the map, on one of the hilltops of the area you will see the plane wreck (see marked location on map). Explore inside it to retrieve the black box.

    10. Jagged Deep

    all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    In The Jagged Deep, with the diving mask obtained in the main quest “The Sea of Sands”, dive underwater. The wreck is underwater. Behind a door, you need to pry open you can find the black box.

    11. The Whitewatch Peaks

    all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    On the location marked on the map, the black box is located behind a rummage. You need to grapple the rummage away to get to the black box.

    12. Salt Bite

    all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    Make your way to the settlement in Salt Bite. In the Herbalist’s chamber, you will find a secret place after you grapple the panel away make your way into the area to get to the black box.

    Redeem reward

    all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West

    Talk to Untalla at The Memorial Grove once you’ve collected all 12 of the Black boxes she will give you the Wings of the Ten as a reward.

    Hope this guide was helpful in finding and collecting all black box locations in Horizon Forbidden West. For more location guides like vista point or Kratos easter egg locations, keep following us.

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