All Better Call Maul Minikit Locations in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

    This guide shows how to get all five Better Call Maul Minikit locations in the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

    If you are facing difficulties in the newly released game fret not we have compiled a set of cheat codes that you can use to ease the gaming experience for you a bit.

    Better Call Maul Minikit #1

    Better Call Maul Minikit locations

    When Darth Maul goes off through the laser doors near the end of the level, one of the square panels on the floor will be different from the others. If you attack it, a grappling place will appear, which you can utilize to obtain the Minikit. Note: You must be in free play as a character with a grappling ability to do this.

    Better Call Maul Minikit #2

    Better Call Maul Minikit locations

    This Minikit is floating high above an empty platform on the upper catwalk to the right of where you started. Smash the items that are clogging up the platform and construct the four buttons. You’ll need to acquire the boxes from the neighboring elevator and drag them over to this platform using force. Because your other character can stand on one of the buttons, you’ll only need two, but be careful. The boxes are simple to destroy, and you only have three of them, so be careful not to drop them. Instead of flinging them, remember to set them down.

    Better Call Maul Minikit #3

    Better Call Maul Minikit locations

    You can turn around to the area behind where you started the level once you’ve fended off Darth Maul for the first time at the start of the level. A jumping puzzle in this alcove requires you to force numerous platforms down so that you can clamber up them. Your Minikit is located at the top.

    Better Call Maul Minikit #4

    You can locate another Minikit hidden under the enormous hole in the ground in the last segment of the level where you’re facing Darth Maul. You can either take a leap of faith or use the ledges around the edge to get it. It’ll only cost you back a few studs.

    Better Call Maul Minikit #5

    Five cleaning droids are scattered along the catwalks where you face Darth Maul at the start of the level. The first one is located adjacent to the lift that Maul used to flee from you. When you square off against Maul on the walkway above, you’ll find the next. Take control of Obi Wan and begin heading towards the camera, fully ignoring your enemy. You should be able to discover another cleaning droid by following the walkway around. When you’ve chased Maul all the way to the bottom, keep going until he blocks your way. To find the next cleaning droid, proceed to the left catwalk and up the nearby lift. The final one is on Darth Maul’s side, but you’ll have to pass him from afar to avoid continuing the battle.

    That is all for Better Call Maul Minikit locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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