All Ark of Arrogance Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

    In the continent Yorn and then in the area of Hall of Promise, you will find the Ark of Arrogance. Like many other locations throughout the game, this place too has Mokoko Seeds spread across it. The Mokoko seeds in Ark of Arrogance are like the ones in Blackrose Basement. In this guide, we will help you find the location of all the Mokoko seeds and tell you how to get to them in order to collect them easily.

    There are 7 Mokoko seeds located at 5 different places inside the Ark of Arrogance.

    Mokoko Seed – 1

    Near the second blue arrow from the bottom up, you will find the first Mokoko seed.

    Mokoko Seed – 2

    The second seed is to the top of the same arrow sitting in front of a pillar.

    Mokoko Seed – 3

    The third Mokoko seed in Ark of Arrogance is on one of the platforms marked on the location of the map.

    Mokoko Seed – 4 & 5

    To get to the fourth and fifth seed locations you need to get to the location marked on the map in the image attached. From there you will find your path blocked by flaming wooden planks. Once you destroy the planks you can access the jumping pad and jump into the next room where you will find the two Mokoko seeds lying next to each other.

    Mokoko Seed – 6 & 7

    Use the first blue arrow on the bottom right of the map to make your way to the room with the sixth Mokoko seed. Then go further ahead by destroying the flaming planks. Near the place where you can see the lava waterfall is the seventh and last Mokoko seed of Ark of Arrogance.

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    Mofeeza Masood
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