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    All 4 Doughnut Locations in Kirby and The Forgotten Land – A Trip to Alivel Mall

    The first fully 3D game in Kirby Series “Kirby and the forgotten land” is already making its way up to the screens of players. It is definitely one of the top march 2022 games that you should play, with some critics also referring to it as the best game in the Kirby Series. It is an adventure game having Kirby as a character, players will have to explore the mysterious world, called the titular forgotten land, and rescue Waddle Dees kidnapped by the fierce Beast Pack. On way to rescue Waddle Dees, players will have to complete some side quests. One of the very first side quests that players will come across is “A Trip to Alivel Mall”. At this level, players will have to find all 4 doughnut locations and eat those doughnuts, in order to complete the side quest.

    However, many players get confused or lost when locating all 4 doughnuts since Nintendo has done an amazing job in hiding these doughnuts. So in this guide, we will help you with all 4 doughnut locations in Kirby and the forgotten land.

    Doughnut #1

    At the very start of the course, you will find an escalator, parkour your way up to the escalator, and right in between them will be some cartons. Behind those cartons will be your very first doughnut.

    Doughnut #2

    The second doughnut is just as tricky as simple the first one was, it also took us a while to figure it out. Nevertheless, after progressing your way through the level, you will find these conveyor belts that are moving in a square motion. At the lower right corner of the belts, you will be seeing a sparkle, and once you hit that sparkle a few coins and a doughnut will spawn on the belts. Dash into the belts to get your doughnut #2

    Doughnut #3

    For the third doughnut, you will have to reach the second hallway, where you will find multiple rooms. Make your way to the very last room on the left side, with a cake banner on it. Inside that room at the very end (before the escalators), you will find an empty table with a sparkle on it. Once again hit that sparkle and a doughnut will spawn on the table right next to you.

    Doughnut #4

    At the very end of the level, before rescuing the Waddle Dee, look for a ladder on your right. Make your way up to the ladder, and on top at the left side will be your very last doughnut. Note that you will also have to deal with an enemy on top before hopping on to the doughnut. Once you do that, hop on to your donut and take this side quest out of your to-do list right away.

    That is all regarding Doughnut locations Kirby and The Forgotten Land. To know about all revelations Minikits in Lego Star Wars or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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